A Day in the Life: Black Lips (Part 3 of 3)


    JS: We found out today that we’re going to Iraq.

    CA: We’ll be going to Kurdistan, which is in the northern region and a lot safer. We want to bring punk to Islamic countries.

    JS: The world is a big place. There’s no reason to limit punk rock and rock ‘n’ roll to just Europe, North America, Australia, and Japan.

    CA: People try to make punk out to be this working-class thing, but it’s really a privilege to be able to have that culture. A lot of people don’t have the luxury to be able to dick around on a guitar with one string and shit like that. It’s fun to bring out some new crowds.



    After the concert.









    JS: We’re trying to finish our new album. We have an open invitation to go to China. We’ve been trying to go for the past two years or so, but timing always gets fucked up. But we’re mainly working on the new album. That’s what we’re focusing on. 

    CA: I think it’s going to be poppy. We’re going to make some crowd pleasers, some catchy shit.