Best Lil Wayne Lyrics From ‘Tha Carter IV’

    Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV dropped last night at midnight — read our review right here — and, well, because Lil Wayne is Lil Wayne, the album is full of a few lyrical gems. More accurately, there is like a million lyrical gems. So for our faithful readers, we’ve broken it down and selected 11 of our favorite lines. Are there others? Sure. Did we miss them? Of course. So do us a favor and if you disagree, tell us in the comments. Then again, we don’t really care what you have to say because we went shoppin’, and talk is still cheap.

    “You don’t need a bus pass for me to bus’ yo’ ass.”
    -“Blunt Blowin'”

    “See no evil, hear no evil. Hellen Keller.”

    “Bitch, real G’s move in silence like lasagna.”
    -“6 Foot 7 Foot”

    “I’m all about the I, give the rest of the vowels back.”
    -“She Will”

    “I throw the alley-oop to Drake Griffin.”
    -“It’s Good”

    “I still got the vision like a line between two dots.”
    -“Blunt Blowin'”

    “The fruits of my labor I enjoy them while they still ripe.”
    -“6 Foot 7 Foot”

    “Today I went shoppin’ and talk is still cheap.” 
    -“She Will”

    “All I had to do was put two and two together, but that just makes four, not forever.” 
    -“How to Hate”

    “When life sucks, I just enjoy the head.”

    “These bitches think they fly like Tinker Bell, but they all on my wire like Stringer Bell.”
    -“Nightmares of the Bottom”