Still No Halloween Costume? 10 Quick, Music-Related Ideas

    Halloween is mere days away, but chances are (if you’re anything like us), you still don’t have a costume. It’s a good thing you’re reading Prefix, because otherwise you’d be screwed. We put together a few ideas for easy, cheap and charming music-related Halloween costumes. You’re just going to get drunk anyway; why bother with all the fancy stuff?


    1. Daft Punk

    This one never gets old. Just get some cardboard, tin foil and glue, and you can probably make a pretty simple helmet. Or, of course, if you own a motorcycle helmet, you’re already set. Throw on a leather jacket and dark jeans and you’re good for the night.

    PROS: Relatively simple, especially if you already have said helmet.

    CONS: You’re going to end up taking your helmet off because it will be hot, at which point you’re just a person in dark jeans and a jacket.




    2. T.I.


    Get a relatively large slab of cardboard and cut some rectangles in it so it looks like prison bars. Throw on some jeans, a white tee and some sunglasses, and doodle a pubescent mustache and beard on your face. Done.

    Alternate: Accessorize with  dreads and a few face tattoos and you have yourself an impeccable Lil Wayne costume.

    PROS: Easy, timely.

    CONS: Making fun of the prison industrial complex isn’t really that funny, jerk.


    3. Lady Gaga


    Gaga’s going to be a popular choice this year, but just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the trend, too. There are a bunch of makeup tutorials on YouTube, and Gaga has so many different outfits that no one will be able to keep track of which version you are. Get a cheap blond wig, if you can, or throw some baby powder in your hair. Then drape yourself in a few flags, bows or whatever bodysuit you have hanging around. At an art supply store, get chains and shiny things and stick them on your face.

    PROS: You are going to have the same costume as everybody else.

    CONS: You are going to have the same costume as everybody else.


    4. David Bowie


    Pretty much just do the same thing as Lady Gaga, but 30 years earlier.

    PROS: You can feel superior to everyone dressed as Lady Gaga.

    CONS: You’ll have to explain to everyone that you’re actually David Bowie, not Lady Gaga.








    5. Justin Bieber


    After Gaga, this will probably be the second most popular costume on the streets this year. Which is all right, since it’s simple. Get a brown wig, a baseball cap and some square vanity glasses. A plaid shirt and skinny jeans will complete the look. Go around flashing the peace sign everywhere.

    Note: This also doubles as a Tom Brady costume.

    : If you already have shaggy hair, you don’t even need a wig.

    CONS: No one actually likes Justin Bieber.


    6. Kanye’s Phoenix From “Runaway”


    Kanye is pretty tough to pull off on a budget, but a phoenix isn’t too hard, especially if you’re a lady that has ever taken dance classes or shopped at American Apparel. Take that old leotard and glue on some feathers from an arts supply store. Ta-da! See? High fashion is easy.

    PROS: You get to ask people where statues come from, and then tell them they are Phoenix turned to stone.

    CONS: It could get a little chilly. Also, you’re showing a lot of skin, so will probably get perved on by the drunk guy dressed as The Situation.


    7. Die Antwoord


    Ninja: Shave all but the top of your head, draw stupid tattoos on your chest and put on a pair of Pink Floyd boxers.

    Yo-Landi Vi$$er: Cut off all of your bangs and the hair above your ears. Get a pillow case. Cut holes for your head and arms in the pillow case. Wear that pillow case.

    PROS: You get to speak in a weird accent all night.

    CONS: People will probably think you’re going as someone from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Also, you’ll have to cut your hair.


    8. Waka Flocka Flame


    Please do not go as Waka Flocka Flame.












    9. Andrew W.K.


    Dirty T-shirt, dirty white jeans, dark stringy wig. This is the easiest thing ever. Just go around telling people how awesome they are and how beautiful life is.

    PROS: There are almost too many to count. This is the easiest last-second costume ever.

    CONS: It’s almost too easy. Kind of feels like cheating. Also, you may just end up looking homeless.






    10. Dr. Dre’s Detox

    Tell your friends you have a great costume and are coming to the party at 9:00. At 8:50, call and say you’ll be there at 10:00. Then call and say you’ll be there at midnight. Call again at 2:00. Then at 4:00, once everyone has forgotten about you. Sit at home and drink Dr. Pepper all night.

    PROS: Like the real Detox, the anticipation of your arrival will likely be much better than the actual thing. Just stay home and watch scary movies.

    CONS: Odds are much lower that you will have sex. But it probably wasn’t going to happen anyway.



    Do you guys have any quick and easy costume ideas? What are you going as this year? Leave advice in the comments.