Young Magic

Young Magic is a solo electronic act named Isaac. He came from eastern Australia and relocated to New York City. He maintained a Blogspot blog that featured classic and rare jazz album cover scans, as well as other images. He was also one of the rare Twitter users to have less than 100 followers at a time when he had been promoted by major indie music web sites like Altered Zones and Transparent. He signed to Carpark Records in late 2010 and began to build a web presence by November 2010. His debut single "You With Air" began streaming at that time and was slated for an official physical release in February 2011. Crawdaddy praised the song for "push[-ing] the psych-soul movement forward." The b-side of the proposed seven-inch single was "Sparkly." A full-length was also tentatively scheduled for summer 2011.

According to the record label, Isaac's songs were recorded over the period of a half year in a variety of international locations, including "old spy bases near Berlin, empty rooms in Iceland, kids’ playgrounds in Melbourne, and no water flats in New York." As relayed by Prefix's Andrew Martin, the music combined these field recordings with more traditional samples of soul and psychedelic music.

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