Yoko Ono

This woman is mental!
Not only she destroyed The Beatles - the way we knew it, the death of John Lennon , she does not know when to stop.


How does one "little" woman break up the Fab Four? I'll tell you how. by being incredibly manipulative and destructive. And anyone who doesn't think a woman could --doesn't know what any woman could choose to be capable of. Yoko is a bitch from hell !!!!


Think about it....if John Lennon loved her so much, she must be WONDERFUL!!! I admire Yoko Ono and her work! CC


One person could not be responsible for breaking them up. There were already underlying circumstances, that lead to The Beatles going their separate ways. It wasn't a bad thing, just think of all the wonderful songs they wrote during their solo careers too! I agree with CC, if John loved Yoko that much, she couldn't have been a bad person. RIP John, we loved and still love you!


I DO hate this ugly bad disgusting bitch and I DON'T even spend or waste my time on watching her!


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