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Wait What's 2010 project, notorious xx, was frequently compared to producer Danger Mouse's The Grey Album, his mash-up of Jay-Z's The Black Album and Beatles samples from The White Album released in 2004. Though the comparative was likely drawn because of the general concept of combining sounds from one artist with the voice of another, notorious xx differed as it combined vocals from Notorious B.I.G.-related songs from several albums with samples of the xx's self-titled album. notorious xx retained the order of the xx's album and had the following track list. (Parentheticals below note the sampled Notorious B.I.G.-related song and then the sampled xx song. Unless otherwise noted, the songs originate from the Ready To Die or self-titled albums, respectively.)

01 dead wrong intro (Dead Wrong from Born Again vs. Intro)
02 juicy-r (Juicy vs. VCR)
03 it's all about the crystalizabeths (It's All About the Benjamins from Puff Daddy & the Family's No Way Out vs. Crystalised)
04 islands is the limit (Sky's The Limit from Life After Death vs. Islands)
05 one more chance for a heart to skip beat (One More Chance vs. Heart Skipped A Beat)
06 suicidal fantasy (Suicidal Thoughts vs. Fantasy)
07 everyday shelter (Everyday Struggle vs. Shelter)
08 basic hypnosis (Hypnotize from Life After Death vs. Basic Space)
09 infinite victory (Victory Puff Daddy & the Family's No Way Out vs. Infinity)
10 the curious incident of big poppa in the nighttime (Big Poppa vs. Night Time)
11 mo stars mo problems (Mo Money, Mo Problems from Life After Death vs. Stars)

The more fundamental difference between the two projects was the accessibility of the approach of the San Francisco-based man (only identified as "Charlie"). The Grey Album was initially distributed in the secretive style of a bootleg CD. notorious xx debuted (conveniently on March 25, 2010, the 13th anniversary of the release of  Notorious B.I.G.'s Life After Death) on its own website as a free download. The track names cited the original songs in question. An accompanying mash-up video of "juicy-r" was also created. And the album received broad-reaching press, ranging from the mainstream New York Magazine to MP3-aggregator site HypeMachine.

Wait What also posted a several other mash-ups of vocals from popular hip-hop song and samples of indie or pop music, such as Nas's "Got Ur Self A..." with Justice's remix of MGMT's "Electric Feel." ~Dan Nishimoto

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