Vanilla Ice

He was the realest, don't ever apologise for the greatest song ever!

'Cooking MC's like a pound of bacon', realest line ever. Keep an eye out for the new Vanilla Ice, he's called Big Duke and hails from the north east of England. Extra real. "Bru this, bru that, rat ta ta ta tat".

A new kind of MC, taking it back to the lyrics.

Andrew Brown

No, "flow like a harpoon, daily and nightly" is the realest line ever. It's why I used it in the headline.

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Hey guys,

Since you covered the first video, I thought I'd let you know that Vanilla Ice has taken his apologies for musical crimes to the people:

Mass public apology - - and
Calling music fans directly -



Charlie Rourke

Now he is doing the same crap on X Factor.
Just selling more crap.

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