R&B superstar Usher Raymond IV (better known to the public simply as "Usher") forged a career of epic, interstellar proportions. His website's bio outlines the full details, but the highlights are listed below:

"Time is testament to the mark of greatness, and for this era that mark belongs to Usher Raymond IV, the consummate entertainer who transcends the boundaries of popular culture, redefining the nature of superstardom."

"Usher, a self-described 'master of the moment,' was born to lead -- from the stage to the boardroom."

"Usher has come into his own as a sage artist..."

"... the cosmic creativity of 'Monstar' [sic.]..."

"There's the perception and the person..."

"Every super hero [has to] to have theme music..."

"...One city represents perception and the other reality."

"With the release of his second album, My Way, in 1997, his celestial powers grew with seven million copies sold..."

"Usher's indelible influence on the culture was echoed in the Showtime special 'One Night, One Star: Live from Puerto Rico...'"

"Usher may indeed have super hero [sic.] DNA, which is one plausible explanation for how one man is able to accomplish so much."

"Somebody has to look out for and protect our kids, and I feel blessed to be a blessing to someone else."

"His signature Double C hand gesture is a staple during events at the arena."

"...his eye for talent is unmistakable in his newest discovery Justin Bieber."

"A brand defined by excellence inherent to Usher."

Depending on perspective, Usher's own bio under- or overstated his importance in the field of R&B and popular music. He has won five Grammy awards and sold over 45 million records worldwide. His Confessions album alone sold over 20 million records. His commercial feats have made him an international (if not an intergalactic) celebrity.

Usher rose to fame in the mid-'90s as a teen prodigy. Under the guidance of longtime record executive L.A. Reid the teenager released his first album at age 16. By the time he finished high school he co-wrote most of his breakout album, 1997's My Way. The album was an R&B and pop success, as the single "Nice & Slow" topped the Billboard singles charts and "You Make Me Wanna" earned a Grammy nomination. Shortly after, Usher made his acting debut on television as a recurring character on the sitcom Moesha (starring fellow teen R&B and pop star Brandy) and on film in The Faculty. Usher continued to record and act for the next several years.

His 2004 album Confessions achieved widespread exposure through the charting of its singles "Yeah!" and "Burn." The album was also a controversial success for its details of his break-up with R&B star Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas. He followed with 2008's Here I Stand and in 2010 he released his sixth album, Raymond v. Raymond. ~Dan Nishimoto - deposer une annonce - deposer une annonce


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