Travis Porter

A.K.A. the group that was on the original version of "All The Way Turnt Up," that supreme synthesis of youthful glee and club ignorance from 2009/10 that became associated with Roscoe Dash and Soulja Boy. While this song became the source of tension between the two sets of "artists," the Atlanta-based trio of Strap, Ali and Quez built a reputation based on other tasteful club numbers like "Secondary Girl," "Drunk Sex" and "Feet Ball." The group became a YouTube sensation racking up over 31 million views (as of July 2010), including over 1 million views in 5 months of the "Get Naked" video and 2.6 million views in 7 months of the "Go Shorty Go" video. The group also released a series of mixtapes that helped cement its reputation, particularly in the trio's hometown: Who is Travis Porter?, I’m a Differenter, I’m a Differenter 2, Streets R US and Proud 2 Be A Problem.

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