Though his name has been synonymous with dance music ever since he started spinning in his native Netherlands and starting his own Black Hole Recordings imprint in the mid-'90s, Tiesto (a.k.a. Tijs Michiel Verwest) didn’t break through the mainstream until he reworked Delerium and Sarah McLachlan’s ubiquitous single “Silence” in 2000. The 11-minute epic, filled with continuously pulsating beats and dramatic, orchestral synths, provided a glimpse into what Tiesto would treat audiences to in both his DJ sets and production work during the ensuing decade. 

Widely known for his six-hour marathon sets in such exotic locales as Ibiza that have culminated into countless mix albums like the In Search Of Sunrise series, Tiesto’s discography rivals those of contemporaries like Sasha & Digweed, but he was also the first act to hold DJ magazine's "No. 1. DJ in the World" title for three consecutive years (2002 to 2004). While his career was built behind the decks, Tiesto’s been taking himself more seriously as an actual producer in recent years, releasing four studio albums since 2002 and dropping the “DJ” title from his name.

Though he’s been primarily classified as a trance artist, Tiesto’s fourth release, 2009’s Kaleidoscope, found him making nice with the rock community. He lured the likes of Tegan & Sara, Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke, Jonsi from Sigur Ros and Metric’s Emily Haines to lend their talents to the album. Now that he’s virtually won every award and accolade an artist in his genre can, Tiesto’s playing elder statesman and trying to improve dance culture by barring glowsticks from his shows.  He says, “The scene needs to clean up, so skip those damn glow sticks…. They look horrible, and they’re too rave-y.” ~Kiran Aditham

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