Don't they have any competitors? Who else is there?


Ticketmaster has new competitors -, (now owned by Major League Baseball), and a host of others.Ticketmaster IAC = mortgaged 5-7 year deals with venues, teams etc. They pay you up front $$$$$ for the honor of screwing your fans....In some cases, this has been claimed to be upwards of $1million. IAC has over $1billion in cash.Live Nation - Michael Rapino has HUGE BALLS for pulling out of the masters grip and going at it alone - support them as much as possible.....It's 4:19 - got a minute?


Kelly should pay the fees. She cancelled the concerts. Seems she doesn't care about those two dozen fans who did buy a ticket. She only wants to perform for big crowds because they equal big money. Two dozen fans aren't worth her time.


Yep... Happened again with The Cure canceling their Western US Tour for the end of 2007. We are all stuck paying TicketMaster for absolutely nothing. Bastards. Is there a viable alternative to purchasing Concert tickets online? I don't know yet, but I will be looking, and if I can prevent even a single penny of my future income EVER reaching TicketMaster or its subsidiaries I will go through those alternative avenues. Any company that so blatantly rips people off deserves all the negative rewards of their actions. Hell, I think Canada even forbids TicketMaster from ripping off its citizens in this manner (in the small print it says something about getting back the CONVENIENCE feeif you live in Canada.And, hell yes!!! What a rip-off this TicketFast deal is! Jeeze! You save them money in handling fees, and they charge you because they can. Same as the bullshit of utility companies, or the IRS, charging you CONVENIENCE fees for paying online or by phone. It's cheaper for them!!!Anyway, I needed to vent. Hope more people do so this bullshit practice of TicketMaster is revealed for what it is. Two Cure tickets, $8 in convenience fees. Postponed concert (until, maybe, sometime next year).


I bought tickets for the Van Halen "reunion tour" as soon the minute they went on sale on 9/8. Four days later, they've revised the seat map and my seats are now twice as far away as before. I physically can not stand on my toes all night so I'm contacting them tomorrow for a refund. I'm hoping I'm not out $38 in charges because they pulled a shell game. I won't hesitate to get my AG involved in this, since this is outright fraud.


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