Thee Tom Hardy

Thomas "Thee Tom Hardy" Hardison described his sound as "sticking to the traditional hip-hop sound... and aesthetic." So, why pay attention to this umpteenth white MC?

The Durham-born Hardison has been surrounded by music since childhood. His father was a drummer who played with legends like Solomon Burke and Clifford Curry. He played tuba and started working with a local hip-hop group called Band Geeks and musician Brad Brown. Hardison's first forays into hip-hop included adopting the alias Teethree and self-releasing two mixtapes, Grape Soda Chronicles and More Tee. In 2007 he met 9th Wonder while the producer was teaching at North Carolina Central University. After joining a class field trip to the producer's studio and performing in front of everyone, 9th Wonder began working with the young MC. Hardison was eventually signed to the producer's It's A Wonderful World Music Group/The Academy imprint.

While Hardison re-branded himself as Thee Tom Hardy, 9th Wonder worked extensively with him on his new "debut" mixtapes. Hardison released The Hardy Boy Mystery Mixtape: Curse of Thee Green Faceded in September 2009. Throughout 2010 he also worked on the follow-up, the Green Lantern-hosted The Hardy Boy Mystery Mixtape: Secret of Thee Green Magic.

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