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too bad there's a typo on the Nas cover.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/joydivided/charly.jpg joydivided

Just look at the typo as phonetics for the how many of you really read and or buy Italian Vogue???


Hey Andrew or should I say hey dumb dumb! The Source was just evicted from their "new offices" today...the marshals came and kicked everyone out and padlocked the doors...meanwhile Hip Hop Weekly just moved into a new multi-million dollar compound in Miami....looks like Zino and Mays are doing all right, can't say the same for that corny-ass, bougie uncle tom Londell McMillan..him and the Graves's from Black Enterprise who stole The Source from Mays & Zino are the most removed, anti-hip hop black people you could find out here....definitely not the types to try to "bring The Source back"! Benzino and Mays created The Source and all of the legendary things from the magazine to the awards to every other groundbreaking, record-setting thing....sounds like you are an Eminem groupie who never took the time to do any real probably sing along with Eminem's old songs calling Black people porch monkeys and ni--ers...yeah that's great stuff there buddy

the man

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