The Police

the only thing more boring than the idea of a police reunion is listening to the police.

Matthew Gasteier

Everyone ignore Matt.The Police were awesome.

Dave Park

F*** the police.- a black person that didn't like rock

Matthew Gasteier

matt and i agree 100% on this issue


i'm like some of their stuff, but failure did a song that sounds like they're ripping off the police and i like it better than anything the police ever did.


I do not think so, the only thing more boring is the idea of The Police reunion for the 49th annual Grammy awards, I am expecting to watch them on tv and listening to their music too, they were and still are awesomeI like Sting very much.

Deisi Maradiaga

The police came out with some good music. Compared to the music in the 90'sand today, the police sounded better. Most of the music that came out in the 90'sand today is garbage. I would waste one dime on most of the popular music that has is being played on the radio today.

Joe anybody

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