The Niceguys

Houston-based hip-hop quartet The Niceguys got their start when New York MC Yves “Yves Saint” Ozoude hooked up with Texas natives DJ Candlestick, Free and Cristoph at the University of Houston. They officially joined forces in 2007, casting their lots in together to produce their debut mixtape, The Niceguys Finish Last. The mixtape gave Yves a chance to flex his lyrical muscle over tracks like The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony,” Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights,” and others.

The Niceguys would go on to team up with hip-hop tastemakers 2dopeboyz and urban style guide Fatlace to release 2009’s seven-song The Green Room, which was bolstered by original production. The Green Room revealed an ear for effortlessly accessible hooks in addition to showcasing Cristoph and Free’s jazzy beats and Yves’s dazzling flow.

With numerous respected hip-hop outlets beginning to take notice, the Niceguys announced the release of their debut LP, The Show, and unleashed the searing banger “Mr. Perfect,” whose hard-hitting, organ-laced instrumental provided the perfect platform for Yves to slaughter his verses. “Mr. Perfect” was followed by “The Good Shepherd,” whose relatively sedate instrumental takes a back seat to Yves and his nimble wordplay. The Show, chock-full of celebratory organic beats and lyrical wizardry, drops digitally in late September free of charge.

The Niceguys’ exploits aren’t limited to music. They’ve produced a series of video shorts called “Nice Shorts” that offer listeners a behind-the-scenes look at the recording process and what makes them tick. They also have a T-shirt line called “Nice Look.”

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