The Clash

The Clash

Clash songs were redone on the Burning London tribute, and a lot of those turned out horribly (Indigo Girls doing "Clampdown" took the cake, I think). But the one really tragic thing about this particular album getting the tribute treatment is that someone's gonna have to recreate "Ivan Meets G.I. Joe." That's the only Clash song I can't stand.


the only positive thing i can say about this is "at least this isn't london calling."

Mike Krolak

do people ever buy cover albums?

Dave Park

I think that goes to the larger question as to whether people really buy albums period anymore. I know I just downloaded the couple of songs I liked by Low and Ted Leo off that Rubber Soul cover album.

John Zeiss

Compilations by nature are spotty, but yeah, nothing could be worse than Burning London.


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