Tech N9ne

What a long, strange trip, indeed. Aaron "Tech N9ne" Yates, the rapper and co-owner of Strange Music Records, charted a long and unconventional path to becoming an underground hip-hop star. The MC with the rhythmically playful, stop-and-go flow rose to prominence in his native Kansas City, a city with a hip-hop scene known primarily by locals and regional rap enthusiasts. He performed with the group NnuttHowze and was briefly signed to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis' Perspective Records label in the '90s.


Yates began recording as a solo artist in 1999 with his "debut" album, The Calm Before The Storm. He steadily released 10 albums between 1999 and 2010, gradually developing his music style and building a reputation in the underground hip-hop scene. His albums increasingly featured darkly fantastic images and hardcore, thug tones that were key to developing the '00s iteration of horrorcore hip-hop; in particular, his 2001 album, Anghelic, laid the groundwork for this style. Yates also had the distinction of releasing all of these albums independently -- six of them through his own Strange Music Records.


As of 2010 he had the rare distinction of selling over a million albums (throughout his career), providing music for a 2Pac movie, being featured in a video game, and appearing in an MTV reality television show. Perhaps this distinction was not as prestigious as an EGOT, but it was certainly characteristic of the artist's kaleidoscopic career.

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