Summer Camp

Regarding the role of information in today's society, Comedian Greg Proops commented on Marc Maron's WTF podcast, "The Internet has allowed a whole new generation to be lied to... almost better than when people didn't have all the mass communication and access to information because the stream of lies is so unrelenting..." Perhaps an indicative sign of this knowledge has been the number of artists that have "popped up" with ambiguous or incredulous backstories. The truth behind each has been less of a concern so much as the speculative process. And, as they like to say in the biz, it creates "buzz."

In this manner Summer Camp came "out of nowhere" in October 2009 with a mysterious MySpace page filled with -- what else? -- apparent summer camp photos from the '70s and/or '80s, and three songs (one of which was a cover of "I Only Have Eyes For You," famous for being covered by the doo wop group the Flamingos) characterized by lo-fi electronics and effects, indie pop, and samples from '80s teen com-dramas. They were introduced as "a bunch of seven friends from Dalarnas län, Sweden, who met at a summer camp when they were 14." The accompanying photo filled with brunettes and curly hair (not to mention the fact that a musician in their 20s would have been born around the time of the photo) should have been the first tip-off.

The group (astute listeners deduced there were at least two members, based on the female and male voices heard in recordings) quickly garnered praise via the London-based Transparent blog and NME. Their song "Ghost Train" appeared on the Gorilla Vs. Bear blog's best songs of 2009 list. In December 2009 the group started the Found-style photo blog They also released two more songs, "Round The Moon" and "Was It Worth It."  ~Dan Nishimoto


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