Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy

Hip-hop in the late-'00s reflected the range of available multimedia. No longer a music or dance or dress style constricted to one of the original four or five elements, hip-hop could be found online in the form of a homemade video being broadcast to thousands or millions, or in one's pocket as a ringtone on one's cellphone. Many of the upcoming rappers of this period, namely DeAndre "Soulja Boy Tell 'Em" Way, embraced the commodification of the culture.

In the mid-'00s and barely in high school, Way made a reputation for himself on the music social network website SoundClick, then on MySpace and YouTube. He released his own video for the song and dance, "Crank That (Soulja Boy)," in 2007. The song came to the attention of producer Mr. Collipark, who helped Way secure a deal with Interscope. The song became a hit that topped both record and ringtone charts. Way became the youngest person to write, produce and perform a No. 1 single on the Hot 100. His full-length album,, was released that same year and went platinum.

In spite of his commercial success, many critics and audiences were quick to criticize Way and his music. Some kept a cool head, as the New York Times' Kelefa Sanneh observed, "He makes the album-driven music industry seem that much more obsolete." However, in 2008 Way engaged in an online spat with rapper and actor Ice-T, who criticized Way's music as "killing hip-hop." That same year Way released his second album, iSouljaBoyTellem. The album sold more than 400,000 copies. His third album, Dre, was scheduled to be released in 2010. ~Dan Nishimoto

Yo lil wayne isn't in this video its Soulja Boy Lil Will Lil Spain and Rudebwoy


i love this song it is the jam


soulja boy fukkn weak wakk ass dougie

4tr3 gata

what does dougie mean? i cant quit thinking about it omg but it's kewl


this song is hard as bannanahs my dougie my dougie


A dougie is a fresh cut if you didnt kno an this song go hard in tha paint i rap too so if anyone who can help me get were im goin hit me up 620-870-2131!!!


Yo..i like his dougie

Ronnica 4rm ville platte LA

Aye disss bie yo Boii trill...diss new dougie is fresh off da jet..hit dat shii up in tha club Ya Earrd Meh...iiiight


dougie AKA DOUG E is anything that is fresh, come on people DOUG E. FRESH .....

wo0 kid

a dougie is like your swag like being krispy and stuff


lmao off people don't know what a dougie my man above me said my dougie juss mean u fresh witch can be ya clothes,haircut or whatever...and yeah the song is made after dougie fresh he used to do the dougie back in some of his old videos.....check out the my dougie video dougie fresh is a cameo in the video


i love that song, i wonder if he's cute (lilWill)

lil M%ZZIE





he is so wack he makes me hate hip-hop


i hope someone runs these guys down. rap music is killing our culture.

ned flanders

hey soulja boy this is ur soulja girl dux stoping by to say i love you and that was good and that u did that remix with lil will and keep on doing ya thing b-cuz who ever is ned flanders and said that it is killing r culture thats not true cuz that is music and the is the real thing !!!!!!! and i'm can say that for the rest of my life !!!!!!


Dougie means style...not haircut or song


Wow I Heard So Many meanings For "Dougie" i still dont get what it means but its all god cuz there is a whole bunch of words like that in the rap industry that dont really have a meaning just something people make up ends up in the streets wit different meanings i guess it how u look at it and how u use it.. But Yeah...
Chatita <3'z Che'

Saleena Rae

My dougie is a dance..

North side boogie mixed with that old skool doug e fresh move..

Playboy Ray

that was some weak bs

yo nigga

if my dougie dont mean a hair cut than why he rubbin his head everytime he says "my dougie"?? if its ur style he coulda wiped his shoes or somethin

jenny e

I thought it meant dougie fresh pants


I white


lil wayne n tha game 4show u digg

jeryrell sparks

all yall have to do is look for a old doug - e fresh video to see that he was doin that move way back then and even tho some people call (my dougie) a haircut its just a way he said he was smooth.


my gouggi means my style

rgc valley crepers

WRONG!!! If you are a dude you meet your dougie every time you look at your jewels. The way I understand it


wow i didnt think soulja boy could get worse after crank dat and yah bitc* yah but wow my dougie what a stupid song!


it a dance and if u watch the awards doug e fresh is doing it silly rabits and yea it mean u fresh 2


my dougie can mean 2 things your dic* or u fresh as hell 2 the stupid people who didnt know


yall iiz slow
a dougie iiz style yo swar yo gear if ya don't know that ya must not have it


yall need to quiet hatin on the dougie cause it is wat that iz boo keep walkin cause that is my man


This is da shizzle


What is the Doug E. Fresh move?
the hand on his head?
how is that hot?
haha, the song is straight though

pretty_tonye <3

These stupid ass boys in my tutorials class is argueing over what my dougie is is it a damn hair cut or not???


she say she like my ducky, im fresh my ducky.
umm... yea, the song is catchy. but stupid. for sure.

d rock

You guys r a bunch of dumasses, dougie is a haircut, u rub ur head to show it off, its a close cut fade, aand that is the secret of the dougie fresh, also a dougie usually is a close cut fade with a fresh lookin wave pattern, but i'm out, C.O.M.S. Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


u toooo stupid!!!!


dis got 2 be da wackeiest stuff i eva heard my dougie r u serious dis song weak azz hell he aint talkin bout nuthin it got 2 be a million otha songs talkin bout bein fresh and dis is y some people say hip hop is dead cuz ov dis bs


my dougie culd mean anythang obviously in da video he tawkin bout his haircut.but my dougie could mean yo dik yo clothes hair shoes etc. wateva u want to make it!dang y yaw gotta be so slow!!!!!!!!


I think the song would be better if if was "My Ducky" It would at least make sense with the "I'm Fresh" part. Was actually disappointed when I realized that wasn't what he was sayin'


i no wut my dougie meas but all deze otha tricks iz playin retarted i also no my dougie iz dedicated to dougie fresh

ladii goon

yallll my niggaz!!!
o bagulho é doidoo!!!
My dougieeeeeeeeee

Douglas West

cOmE oN mUtHa FukAzzz, yawl no dat diz meanz a hurrkut. nig pleaz

crank dat 2345

well my home dizzle was breakin down diz "my dougie" song at prom and he was rockin it so hard that i dont even curr what the hell my dougie is just dance to it mudda truckassssssssssss xoxo

Duchess Boo

mane dis sh** fresh wut yall talkin bout

lil nesby

Thiz song is off the chain u felz me because im fresh everyday my niggaz cause u can witch me hit my DOUGIE my niigga


im wit mz. bell.
it just like tha song pimp juice.
its anything that attracts the opposite sex.
it could be money, fame, connections, or straight intellect.
so don't try to over analyze the meaning of "my dougie"
cuz no matter how you put it,
my dougie always gone be more fresh than yo dougie
piece up
A down and I aint talking bout Atlanta
that' s Alabama
we stay on our grind
Shout out to GP, aka the Pines
Dog Wood, Devon Shire, Rolling Hills, Still Creek,
and you can asem bout us cuz yeen know.
but check this. i gotta go.
so keep yo nose clean.
BROWNIES bring in money too


Hi im from chicago and im hear to say i love yall that mean i want yall to come an throw a party at my b day on october 20 you dig


dougie is fresh/style my brother and can also mean yo dic*. Term is used mostly in Texas and the Chi


this song is SSSTUPIDDD HIP HOP IS SOOO WACK these dayzz these song goes along with the rest of the trash kids are listening to these days the only thing tight is the beat thats it


I totally agree with Ms. Bell and Justin on the real tip.
"My Dougie" is anything that is expensive, look like money, smell like money, fresh, off the chain, and etc. Hell it can be a hair cut, accessories, miscellaneous objects, bling, or anything that attracts other ballers---->even lame people. So on the real tip, stop arguing over nothing. Hell if you wanna argue and debate, debate and argue over something that is actually important. Such as whether or not Barrack will be assassinated, or whether or not the troops in Iraq will be coming home------>Not trying to sound all sentimental on you guys, but I'm only 16 and I know that's it's a waste of time arguing over something that doesn't matter. I mean big deal if "My Dougie" is a hair Vs. a dance and etc. I mean if it's a dance Vs. a haircut will that really change your opinion of the song? Hell no. I didn't think so, so why is it a big deal? I mean to be completely honest with you, the only way you'll know for sure what "My Dougie" is if you actually ask Lil Will for your damn self. To be truthful I doubt if he can give you a straight answer. He might say, "It means what ever you want for it to mean." Cause to be quite honest with you, he don't even care what it means. The only thing he cares about is selling his CD and getting rich. Just like when the media questioned Fergie (Black Eyed Peas) on what her "London Bridge" was, she couldn't give them a straight answer. Another example is Gwen Steffani. The media questioned her on exactly what the hell a "Holler Back Girl" actually was, she reportedly stated, "I don't know, it's what ever you want for it to be." So yea, grow up, quit wasting your time, and if you still want to debate after this, become involved in politics. You can debate on all kinds of issue---->Things that people actually care about.
Take care
Stay black....or white, or what ever the freak you are
Much Love
Ladii M
Oh yea be sure to check out my MySpace

The solution (female) Ladii M

I totally agree with Ms. Bell and Justin on the real tip.

The solution (female) Ladii M

this song is off the wall...

lil boosie

I have done extensive research on "My Dougie" and there is no slang meaning to this word. It is simply ebonics and I belive Little Wayne got this term from my british people when telling about their doggie. Now that I have established just what "My Dougie" means you bloody morons can drink a cup of tea or play croche....anything better then arguing about what one's "dougie" means...Thankyou...and don't forget to keep bleeding love!!

Just a few words from the beautiful british pop artist Leonna Lewis...aka..MY TRUE HERO!! Thankyou for puttin the british out there!!!

Miss Pretty

I like the dance of my dougie that is the hottest dance ever.My lil brother does that dance and he's 6 years old he loves that dance.Make up alot more dances cuz we love to dance. So come back wit another one. [WE LUV U]

Queen T

poeple'sss dougieee means penisss. durrr, no im playinnn.
we think it meanss you aree like freshhh, cleann (:
and souljaaa boyy is sexyy! (:


o what does soulja boy rap about??? Dumb mess like Booty Meat, Crank Dat, and Soulja Girl on some R&B twist... And what makes it even worse is when he tries to act like he a true thug with songs like shoot out and pistol play... Now do real thugs really dance and hop around like what i see in his videos?? If he is keeping it true to himself and his gay lookin style or what eva... Then why would he feel the need to put on this fake gangsta image??? Hmmm... Seems like he being phony to me... Maybe thats the reason why Ice T dissed him so hard... Soulja boy has been dissed by some of the biggest icons and legends in hip hop... Because he is f***ing up Hip Hop's legacy... And look at all the disses he gets on U Tube... I dont respect him or his music... just my right to my opinion.. I dont feel that wack B.S...


ya'll need to learn to spell and stuff, my dougie is Sarah Sillverman's dog's Name on the Sarah Silverman show, Bitches.


man u got tha game i love u be mine sexy thang


dougie means dick , penis , cock , etc

big one

a dougie is another name for your penis


Yall Duggiess duno what the fck jo talkin bout. jo broke ass be trippin foo! Ps, stupid nig nogs, duggie means king, originated in france in the 1300's this commonly used term means, massive erection.


dougie is your style


my dougie im fresh flyer dan a mf


who gives a damn what 'dougie' means?! you all should just focus on sh*t that matters... like SPELLING!

billy bob

For all yall young'n's. THE DOUG E. Comes from the rapper Doug E fresh. He was the rap partner of the legendary Slick Rick. Its a play on his name my doug e im fresh. You get it Now go do your Homework.


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