Slick Pulla

Making a name through beef is old news. So, what makes Renaldo "Slick Pulla" Whitman so special?

First, he is from Atlanta. Apparently a few other big names in hip-hop have come from that city. And in 2010 all eyes are on ATL.

Second, he is signed to Young Jeezy's label, Corporate Thugz Entertainment. Translation: He also has a high-profile co-sign.

Third, he is a member of a rap trio called United Streets Dopeboyz of America (U.S.D.A.) with Blood Raw and his sponsor. If he's good enough to roll with the big boy, maybe the kid actually has some talent?

So, maybe it's worth calling attention away from his 2010 altercation with Waka Flocka Flame and to the fact that he has been building a reputation in the late '00s through the aforementioned U.S.D.A. album, 2007's Young Jeezy Presents USDA: Cold Summer, and a number of mixtape appearances. In spite of a two-plus-year prison bid for a parole violation and the aforementioned incident, he gradually built interest in his career to the point that even MTV News included him as a news item. In the article Whitman refused to address the inordinate media attention on his alleged beef and instead spoke about favorite tracks from his 2010 mixtape, Slicktionary ["Black Ice (The Preface)," "On Da Radar" and "Hood Rich Freestyle"], as well as promoted his T-shirt brand "Slick Prints."

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