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I want to become a fan of kenny g, why you guys gotta hate and not make it an option??


Next time, baby.

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Hasn't been in vogue to hate on Weezer since 1997?

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yeah weezer has been w.0 since their third album which is way worse then their first two albums but still way better than the albums that came out after.

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At least people used to have expectations; now the hate starts pre-album.

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Rivers Cuomo is the musical equivalent of M.Night Shaymalan.
Since when did these guys turn from genius to "guilty pleasure"?No, not even guilty pleasure. It's funny their devoted fans does not seem to wait for them to return to their old form, they just resigned to the fact that suckiness is their new norm.
Shame, the badass "Rivers Cuomo" name is wasted on Rivers Cuomo.

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