Samuel's debut music video for his single "I Heart NY" encapsulates the 21st-century post-racial fantasy. A blue-collar mensch sings an R&B ode to the Big Apple from the back of a garbage truck being driven by his ebony-and-ivory production team (The Knocks: Ben "DJ B-Roc" Ruttner and James "JPatt" Patterson) through their cosmopolitan hometown on a crisp winter morning, and after work he picks up a hot, ambiguously ethnic chick and goes ice skating with her. Nice work, if you can get it, right?


Singer, musician, songwriter and self-described natural performer Samuel Hindes intends to get it by capturing the ideals of the current youth generation's imagination. The popular musical incarnation of Hindes -- a blend of light funk, R&B and hip-hop with boy-next-door charm -- began working with the Knocks around 2007. He was signed by the Columbia records Heavy Roc imprint in 2008. In summer 2010 he released limited-edition physical copies of his I Heart NY EP while touring the West Coast. He received blessings from the gods above when Kanye West blogged his cover of Drake's "Find Your Love" (a rendition more Maroon 5 than Massive Attack).


Hindes' debut, Trains to Wanderland, is scheduled to be released in 2010. The album features backing by the artist's aforementioned production mates, as well as assistance from the pop-oriented Greg Wells (Katy Perry, Mika). Hindes describes the album as "pretty conceptual for a debut pop artist. It's a big journey through movement and growth and moving away from New York City and coming home and always being able to know that this is my home. The album opens with New York and comes back to New York, and throughout it's a big adventure."

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