Say hello to the next thing, c. mid- to late 2010. Swedish pop singer Rosanna Eriksdotter-Munter made a run with the collective back in the early to mid-'00s as a member of the girl group Play. She quickly made the realization that solo was the way to go and was en route by her early-20s. How quickly they grow!

Going solely by her first name, Rosanna was reborn as another indie-nation, next-best pop artist. The self-admittedly "award-winning-but-not-recently" pop music website co-signed her to the point that it made her its debut release on its fledgling label Popjustice Hi-Fi. Her first single "Waterfalls," Co-written and produced with Jim Eliot (Kylie Minogue, Ladyhawke, Sunday Girl), recalled pre-first wave Madonna over "P.S.K." while the accompanying Fear of Tigers remix amplified the drama with epic guitars. The b-side "Runaway" explored similar sonic territory to a roller-rink beat.

Musically Rosanna has been described as "gloom pop" while the Guardian published a gushing profile propping her up as the newer, "realer" version of Kylie Minogue ("a bit like the real-life Kylie, one imagines, the one behind the surface bubble and fizz"). Lyrics like "I never had anyone / Never has anyone compared to you / I always knew how to keep what I feel locked away from you" certainly suggest a darker emotional connection than "Can't get you out of my head / Boy, your love is all I think about." However, is Rosanna "the Bell Jar with a synth-pop beat?" Maybe, but just not yet.

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