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The United States had the unique position of turning Ricky Martin into a punch line. Whether the joke was rooted in pop culture irony, homophobia or class snobbery, the entire country built up the star and subsequently tore into him. However, to the rest of the world Enrique "Ricky" Martin Morales was embraced as an international superstar.

The Puerto Rican singer entered the public eye in the '80s as a member of the teen boy band Menudo. As a young adult he moved to Mexico and started an acting career in theater, telenovellas (soap operas) and film. He was signed to Sony Discos and released his self-titled, Spanish-language debut in 1991. The album of mostly ballads went gold. He released another Spanish-language album in 1993, Me Amarás, which went platinum. By this point Martin had established himself as a romantic balladeer. So his 1994 move to Los Angeles to act in the soap opera General Hospital was a natural transition.

His 1995 album, A Medio Vivir, moved significantly towards trendy, Latin-club pop and made the singer into a pop star. The album sold over seven million copies worldwide and featured the hit single "Maria." Shortly after he returned to the States to star in the Broadway production of Les Miserables. His 1998 Vuelve outperformed his prior album by selling eight million albums and spawned the hits "Perdido Sin Ti," "La Bomba," "Corazonado" and the World Cup theme "La Copa de la Vida (Cup of Life)." His performance at the Grammy Awards (and the album's reception of the Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop album) helped break him into mainstream America.

In 1999 Martin was well-positioned to crossover into the American market. His English-language, self-titled album was summed up primarily by the international hit "Livin' La Vida Loca," which topped the singles charts in 16 different countries. The success of the song and the album could also be cited in the later success of other Latin pop stars in the United States, like Enrique Iglesias and Shakira. Martin released another English-language album, Sound Loaded, in 2000, which spawned the hit "She Bang," but the album and single did not perform nearly as well as its predecessor. Throughout the remainder of the '00s Martin returned to recording primarily in Spanish, with the exception of his 2005 album Life. In 2009 he announced the pending release of his ninth studio album.

In 2010 he publicly acknowledged his homosexuality. The announcement ended years of speculation in the media and general public. ~Dan Nishimoto

It's good he came out, but yeah the timing is a bit suspect. "Living La Vida Voca" is a song that instantly puts me in a bad mood though. One of my least favorite songs ever.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

So what! Ricky's sexuality is his business. He must answer for his actions the same as the rest of us. On judgement day we will all have some explaining to do. I'm female and I still thing he is soooo gorgeous!...and too Hot!


I think he has a great talent,and is a total babe. Who care's life is short enjoy it.


Clay came out 2 years ago and he is about to make a huge comeback in June with his 6th album release and major promotion due to a new major label deal. He is going to be huge again, wait and see.


I knew he was that way when he would shake his money maker better than me where they do that at!!! Lol
Cinti, OH

Kesha' Moore

People (more to the point - the media) will always be cynical about somebody's coming out. In reality if he didn't come out until the book was released, and that juicy tidbit was in there, I think it would have made splashier press. Being anything (except maybe a prostitute) has nothing to do with your sexuality directly, yes your life experience will be affected by your sexuality but I can see being anoyed by the questions about who you sleep with.


ow common! who he thought he was fooling? he always had GAY stamped all over his face..


Well obviously it wasn't a huge surprise...and yes perhaps the timing is suspicious, but it could be possible that he didn't come out sooner because perhaps he didn't want people to know yet, maybe his family didn't know yet....who knows and who cares frankly.


Martin's reveal has about as much shock value as when Rosie O'Donnell came out. As in none. Who cares what he does in the privacy of his bedroom or with whom?


Wow I can't believe that he is gay but I suspected it though but since he's gay it dosent mean anything I still love his music


I'll never look at Menudo (the soup, not the boy band) the same way again. Actually, it's a shame that people have to hide their true nature.


Why would it have made a difference if he'd come out earlier? It's nobody's business but Ricky's. Besides, having known and dated several wonderful Puerto Rican men, I understand that in that culture it's hard enough just to admit you're gay to yourself. Much less the entire world. It should be enough for everyone concerned that he's made the statement and he's out. It is not our business to criticize his timing. The timing of the truth can always be suspect, but it will still be the truth. Bravo, Ricky! And good luck.


I think this article is pretty mean-spirited. It's 2010 - time to stop bashing gays.


I think it's great that he's come out, and that he did it in his own good time.


i kind of knew when he adopted the twins,but more power to him i love gay guys.and they are really HOT i have always said all the good looking guys where gay tammy winchester,tn


Who are you to judge when someone comes out as appropriate or not? Like it or not, it's an unfortunate stigma that affects record sales and family situations.
I get so sick of these holier than thou activists who think everyone's situation is the same. Let the man tell what he wants to tell when he wants to tell it. It's his life.


One may find undertones of self indulgence or self preservation in any action one takes. Give the guy a break. It took him this long to feel confident enough to admit it in public. Even if the timing was calculated to enhance his public persona (ie future earning...from his book or future products as a singer)...the actual acceptance of his own truth must be respected and accepted in good faith. Lets not be so cynical. Allow him to be who he is. Lest we forget that no one is perfect.


Oh, I'm shocked! Clay is the only gay person ever wait to come out!!! Such a bad boy, coming out at his chosen time and not the media's!!. Maybe he's the only gay person ever until Rickie. No wonder gay people stay in the closet seeing what attitudes are by some people.


what a shame!! =( one day you'll realize what you missed out on babe. </3


i still gonna listen to ricky martin even if he is gay.

vincent davis

No one should be made to "come out" before they are ready to do so. What is with people. And what about pulling a Clay Aiken. Seriously...
How about pulling a Neil Patrick Harris...How about pulling a Wanda Sykes.. What a pathetic stupid comparison...

If the media would stop with digging full tilt into performers lives..perhaps they wouldn't make an announcement..just to shut them up. I find the whole thing sad.

I say good for you Ricky. You can live openly and honestly now...and the heck with everyone else. Being a good human being is what it is all about anyways.


Longest run on sentence ever?

->> "It's what we in the media business call "Pulling a Clay Aiken," as in coming out as gay when you've been suspected as such for the entirety of your career only when it is clear you will never be as big a star as you were a few years ago in hopes of rebranding yourself as a hero to gay men who probably came out in less than public circumstances when they weren't promoting a new book, or something."


I STILL LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO MATTER WHAT..........BABY.......ALWAYS W U...................


Well at last there is another person brave enough to be true to himself. It's sad that people can't just let people live without always looking for fault in others . When everyones cleaned out thier own back yard of all secrets and grabage then they might ... Just might have a right to say something, but untill then let Ricky live his life with the respect that he so deserves. I for one being a gay man and Dad applaud him for coming out when HE was ready not when others thought he should be.... Good job Ricky ,


Soon Ryan Seacrest will come out too. After his career is over too.


I think this article is very mean spirited. Live and let live....hopefully one day everyone will just be able to tend to their own lives and not be so mean spirited toward others. Ricky and Clay are good people, talented and great Dads....I wish them happiness.


>>After his career is over too.<<

Ricky Martin is (still) a hugely successful artist. The American market is only a fraction of the global pop market. Martin is still selling and selling big.


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