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I don't this a parody of the film "Kill Your Idols?" Meh???

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just viewing _Fingered_ could make you contract hepatitis.

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Hello there,

I'm the director of "Llik Your Idols".
For inof, it is NOT a parody of "Kill Your Idols". I chose the title in 2002, in reference to the famous punk slogan, the Sonci Youth song and a ridiculous t shirt that was everywhere as a teenager. It was meant to be a joke, funny. I believe Scott Crary made a reference to this slogan as well. Let's give back to Richard Hell and others what belongs to them !! In 2004, when I herad about SA Crary's doc, I simply decided not to change my title.
The two docos deal with two different subjects. Mine is The Cinema of Transgression.
Thank you for taking the sentence off the article !



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Hello again,

"Llik Your Idols" is not a parody of anything. Scott and I happen to have the almost same title because "Kill Your Idols" is a famous punk slogan,and a Sonic Youth song, that's all. I chose this title in 2002 as I said !
It's not even the same subject.
Llik Your Idols deals with "The Cinema of Transgression".
Thank you.

Angel (director of Llik Your Idols)


The director here seems a bit daft, no? You expect us to believe that you didn't intend to exploit a massively successful film that came out years before yours and has nearly the same name and many of the same interview subjects? Baffled as to how you didn't get sued for that. Anyway, the phrase "Kill Your Idols" is NOT a punk phrase and has f**k all to do with Richard Hell. The term was originally used by Allen Ginsberg, riffing off the zen maxim: "If you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha. If you meet a Patriarch, kill the Patriarch." Sonic Youth, being big Beat fans ripped it off. And that irony of quotation/theft makes perfect sense in the music doc KILL YOUR IDOLS. That notion is what the film is about. LLIK YOUR IDOLS (ridiculous title, btw, regardless of the origin of it) seems to be a straight mash note to the old no wave film scene, so that justification by 'Angel' above doesn't make much sense.


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