He's a singer, songwriter and producer who launches a club-hop record "Ghetto Dance" with an accompanying viral campaign/dance contest, and also cites a Shel Silverstein book as a source of inspiration. The appropriately named Range certainly seems curious to entertain as many career options as possible. His resume to date opens up several R&B-pop paths for him. He has written songs for R&B and hip-hop folks like Ludacris (“One More Drink), T-Pain (“Download'’) and Jamie Foxx (“Cover Girl”), so songwriting is one option. He has also worked on the production end alongside Puff Daddy and the Track Masters, so the management side is another choice. And he convinced the Stargate production crew to sign him to their Roc Nation collaborative label and publication company StarRoc. So, front-of-house work as a solo artist could be another path.

Unsurprisingly, Range came to the industry with a wealth of music experience. His mother was a choir teacher at their church and also played the cello. He learned to play saxophone and continues to pick up other instruments like piano and guitar. Though his 2010 debut album, No Strings, was prefaced by the packaged and familiar single "Ghetto Dance," his musical aptitude make him a talent to watch.

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