Puro Instinct

The comparisons between Puro Instinct and Warpaint were too easy to make. Puro Instinct (formerly known as Pearl Harbour) was also a Los Angeles-based band formed by a pair of sisters Piper and Skyler in the late '00s. Where Warpaint picked their guitar and bass lines (special kudos to bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg), Puro Instinct strummed their instruments to create flatter songs. However, both played hazy, gauzy rock songs.

As Pearl Harbour the band released an EP called Wish We Were Here in late 2009. By 2010 the group changed its name to Puro Instinct and released the Something About the Chaparrals EP on the Mexican Summer label in early 2010. described the band's trademark sound as "bright delayed guitar lines and charming out-to-sea vocals." In July 2010 the same songs from Wish We Were Here were released in a reorganized order as a self-titled EP via the Bandcamp web site. In late December 2010 the lead single "Stilyagi" (backed with "Put Medved to Bedved") to the group's full-length debut was released on the Mexican Summer label. Ariel Pink, a labelmate who toured with the group the previous year, provided background vocals on the a-side. The band's full-length Headbangers in Ecstasy is slated for release in early 2011.

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