"ProbCause is a young Chicago rapper with a unique ability to produce conceptual hits," goes the opening to the rapper's bio. The native of Evanston (a city immediately north of Chicago) is not dealing with conceptualism a la Lawrence Weiner, but rather appears to be exploring various concepts and paths to find his personal voice.

ProbCause first came to prominence in 2006 with the release of …Weeknights. Written while he was in high school, the album explored life as a white teen growing up in a suburban environment. The song "Evanston" in particular focused on the daily travails of living in said city. The album sounded lo-fi and amateur, but demonstrated enough talent to overcome its Whiteboyz-like earnestness. He quickly shifted gears on follow-up, Daze Off, which featured production and guest spots from a variety of artists like the rapper's brother DJ Grimmace and Panthrow.

In 2009 the rapper earned some broader attention by being selected for Urb magazine's Next 1,000. Shortly thereafter he shot a video for his song "iGirl," which was later selected as an entry in the Chicago International Hip-Hop Film Festival. In 2010 he released his Spring Cleaning mixtape/album. Spring Cleaning was a result of a project to write and record a new song every week. ProbCause also used the project as an opportunity to explore other forms of music outside of hip-hop, notably rhyming over dubstep producer Rusko's "Woo Beat," resulting in the song "Blog Rap."

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