The Florida-native rapper Algernod Lanier Washington was better known publicly by the less pronounceable handle "Plies" (pronounced "ply," not "plee"). Working with his brother Ronnell "Big Gates" Lavatte, Washington secured a deal with Slip-N-Slide Records in the early '00s. He built a reputation by releasing mixtapes throughout the mid-'00s and a major label, full-length album in 2007 called The Real Testament. The album went gold on the strength of its two hit singles, the T-Pain-assisted "Shawty" and the Akon-laced "Hypnotized" (which featured a memorable chorus that contained lines like, "That booty keep bumpin', titties keep bouncin'/ Up and down/ You got me so hypnotized..."), but was also characterized by its extensive, thug-rap tunes. Less than a year later he released a follow-up Definition Of Real. Again, the R&B-inflected "Bust It Baby, Part 2" was a radio hit, but the album also reflected its cover image of a ski-mask-hooded Plies with its extensive gun talk. The album also went gold.

Washington released his third album, Da REAList, six months later. In April 2010 he released the video for "She Got It Made," the lead single to his May 2010 album, Goon Affiliated. The video was notable for Plies' bucking of rap video cliches by appearing in a bathrobe and carrying his morning coffee or tea. ~Dan Nishimoto

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