Phone Tag

>The Brooklyn-based project of Gryphon Graham made hip, cheerful, danceable pop. According to its MySpace page, Phone Tag's sound was like “looking up at sunlight shining through the seawater from underneath.” A translation and a quick look back at the soundscape of 2010 would unearth a familiar mix of '80s drum programming, jangling keyboards and a wealth of echo and reverb effects. Phone Tag's live incarnation included two other musicians, Bodhi Landa and Eliza Walton. Phone Tag was included in a mixtape made by Small Black for the popular music blog Gorilla vs. Bear and was subsequently featured in December when it released an EP entitled Look and Feel in December 2010 via the Bandcamp web site. The EP was also made available as a limited run of 33 cassettes "hand editioned.


Graham was born in Texas. Assuming you can trust the internet and the possibility there aren't too many Gryphon Grahams playing music, he appears to have played in a rock trio called Spilltoy as a teenager. Also assuming he ran the blog Furthermore Known as the Jams, the blog linked on what appears to be an older MySpace page, he moved to Brooklyn in the late 2000s. He played keyboards and guitar with another group called Kosovo before making a bigger splash with Phone Tag.

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