Pandit was the solo project of Texan musician and songwriter Lance Smith. Smith took his stage name from his great-grandfather, who was of Indian ancestry and described as a "close friend of Gandhi." His debut EP was made available for free download in January 2010 and gained a small yet enthusiastic following on While much of the blog coverage lumped him in the chillwave movement, his music ranged from the Lanois-ambient, country-inflected balladry of "Crisp" to the unsubtly sexual "Self Love," which featured contributions from Darren "Star Slinger" Williams and a prominent sample of Atlantic Starr's low rider-worthy "Second to None" (according to Star Slinger, "Lance aka Pandit laid his smooth vocals on top, I added one of my favourite solo masturbation scenes, and the rest is history"). The common quality in his music was a general openness in atmosphere and moderate level of energy. Smith's debut album Eternity Spin will be released in February 2011 via Sacramento-based Waaga Records. It is slated to include contributions from Warren Hildebrand of Foxes in Fiction and Rachel Levy of Kiss Kiss Fantastic. The ten-track album will include "Artichoke," a track currently available for free download on the label's web site.

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