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Honestly, Owl City is no more or less profound than the Postal Service. In ten years, people will be embarrassed they ever loved the Postal Service the same way people my age are embarrassed they ever listened to, say, Garbage. Then ten years from that, the generation that grew up with "Firefiles" will feel the same way. Regardless, The Postal Service should release a new album - it's like printing money.

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postal service may have been on sub pop, but that didn't make it any less poppy, chart-topping, or derivative to begin with. they were far from the first to do glitchy production and breathy vocals. there is no intrinsic righteousness in being indie.

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With no embarrassment, I will tell you that I have loved and continue to love (in this order) Rick Nelson, The Beatles, Led Zepplin, Jethro Tull, The Eagles, The Backstreet Boys, The Killers, Muse, and Owl City(since long before 'Fireflies') as well as many independent artists that most 'average' (if there is such a thing) people have never heard of. If the music moves me I don't care what the pretentious music critics think. I'll just keep dancing like nobody is watching. BTW, if you were reasonable you wouldn't be jumping to conclusions about Owl City 'ripping off' anybody. TPS didn't invent the genre and they don't own it.


The copycat accusations are jaw-droppingly bad. Do musicians create music in a vacuum? What do you think a "genre" is? Owl City is "emo synth pop," apparently. Who cares if Postal Service is too? Owl City has its own melodies (better melodies, many would say) and much more playful, poetic lyrics. That the voices sound similar is beyond anyone's control. And let's not mention that PS hasn't produced an album in nearly SEVEN years.

Owl City has done a good job of expanding a particular style, and people want to listen to it. End of story.


I think it isn't exactly fair to say Adam boy (A. Young) is ripping anyone off. He made music he likes, and continued to make music he likes after his record deal. I think it shameless to say he makes senseless music, because everybody with as much as a windblow of musical knowledge knows that this is high quality music, even the lyrics. If you don't get that, you'r too stupid to understand the lyrics. Shame on you. Furthermore his producers are NOT AT ALL top-notch pop producers, but merely independent and fairly unknown men. The rather unlucky quote they got there is only proving his lack of experience. but he'll get that. And don't forget that Adam has been a independent musician for a long time. That's about all I have to say about that.


What's interesting is people seem to be offended that someone copied a duo that A., isn't relevant and B., is severely mediocre. It's one thing to find success sounding exactly like, say, Coldplay, but Postal Service, really? Who cares.


I can't believe nobody has pointed out the obvious here, that Owl City sounds EXACTLY like The Postal Service, as well as Death Cab For Cutie, and everything else Ben Gibbard has done. Even the tone and inflection of Adam Young's voice sounds creepily like Gibbard's. As far as the question of lyrics, Gibbard's are succinct and profound, while I think I can let the enduring lameness of "I'd get a thousand hugs from ten thousand ligtning bugs" speak for itself. To attempt to compare these two bands sincerely would be ridiculous. One is poetic and original, the other is a weak imitation.


How about you spend your time writing about how Death metal is ripping off Beethoven because they use the same keys and cord progressions? Music has similarities, deal with it. And Postal Service was a one hit wonder anyway so nobody gives a ----


Why can 10,000 fireflies only deliver 1,000 hugs? They have more "arms". What a stupid song. Go buy the original, its called such great heights.


Listen to: Designer Skyline, This is the Future, Meteor Shower, Umbrella Beach, Hello Seattle, Hot Air Balloon, On The Wing, Swimming In Miami, Fuzzy Blue Lights, Air Traffic...hell, most of them are damn brilliant.

TPS? I never would have thought to compare Adam's music to them. The UPS commercial would be a lot less annoying with Owl City playing.

I think Adam knows how good he is and these snarky reviews don't bother him much. He's up there flying in The Airway.

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what has everyone got against the postal service? So many people are trashing them- they are a GREAT band


A thousand hugs from 10,000 lightning bugs? It seems like the people that listen to this have just about as much intellect as the person that wrote the lyrics in the first place. Honestly, I would probably listen to Owl City if his lyrics weren't so god awful.

From Owl City's "Hello Seattle":
"Hello Seattle, I am a cold seahorse feeling warm in your sand"
It's plain garbage, it sounds like the lyrics were written by a 7 year old, or something you would hear on Disney Channel.

TPS is the same exact sound (hence being ripped off by owl city), but with profound lyrics. Do yourselves a favor and google "Such Great Heights"


Well, people listen to music that they like, not music that are picked by others. Owl city's music reflects to some people, even though sometimes the lyrics make no sense. I've been saying things that make no any sense at all, but that's the way I live. TPS is not fighting back, so that means no one's ripping off anybody. For some people that think the lyrics are plain non sense, maybe you just don't understand what the song means.


Ok, Owl City's lyrics are meant to be fun. There are some songs that make no sense at all... He's an insomniac, how much sense do you expect him to make when he hasn't slept for days? Also, to judge all of Owl City by the lyrics of fireflies and hello seattle is to really miss something... A lot of his songs are about finding love and hope and faith. If you can't judge someone harshly because they've gained a lot of popularity with the youth. They're obviously making better music than whoever TPS is...


I heard this song this morning on 88.5FM in Florida. I thought I was hearing Ben Gibbard on lead vocals with a new TPS album. I looked up Vanilla Twilight to find a new band with a very similar vocal sound. I'm curious to hear the other songs by Owl City. To the people that say they are "ripping off" TPS...listen to any emo punk or hardcore band in the scene. They all sound alike!


Ok, lets clear the air here just a bit. Just heard Owl City about a day ago. Very good, catchy song, True. Has an uncanny resemblence to Ben Gibbard via The Postal Service, True. The Postal Service was a side project for Gibbard, also playing in Death Cab For Cutie, and before that All-Time Quarter back, True. Gibbard was approached by Jimmy Taborello of Dntel (which is also a very synth pop type sound), to do The Postal Service. The mere fact that Owl City may or may not have taken influence from Postal Service is irrelevant, its more of a compliment personally. The rest of Gibabrds music sounds unlike that of TPS. Hence- SIDE PROJECT. Owl City is not a side project. Who cares if they sound alike, seriously. If you don't like TPS, but like Owl City, then why are you complaining? If you like TPS and not Owl City, so be it, more than likely your jealously is saying your gay, so listen up. Personally I'm a huge Ben Gibbard fan. At first I too thought it was Gibbard, but the learned it was Owl City. I admit for a couple minutes I was kinda shocked like, "This guy did rip off Gibbard", but, and I reasure you that I now view it in a way to listen to another album very similar to TPS. Enough said, hate it or love it, there's your nugget.


I'm not a big fan of the Postal Service either. It's more stupidness of Young's relationship to that band that bugs me.

Then again, not everyone liked Pearl Jam in the 90s. That didn't make Stone Temple Pilots any less of a pack of copycats.

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I googled "Owl City + Ben Gibbard" before Fireflies was even done playing. It's so obvious that he ripped them off. It's actually more similar than Velveteen is to DCFC. I'm in awe. Yet, I like the sound. Too bad I can understand the lyrics, because they are a real f'ing pain. The sound itself is good, though. Although that Owl City does have quite a few songs that I'd gladly skip, in contrary to TPS.


I like Owl City, I like TPS & Death cab, and the only similar thing they have in common is the voice, Owl City sound is so much dancing than TPS, and the lyrics are more about happiness than Death Cab, so people I invite you to hear other Owl city's songs and Death Cab because they have amazing music. :) love everyone!


Ok. Listen anybody who knows anything about music knows that only one person COPIES SOMEBODY ELSES STYLE........WEIRD AL... I say that to say this.....Similarity doesnt mean duplication.... The fact that TPS lyrics are some what deeper if you will and Owl Citys lyrics are some what cartoonish if you will further lets you know they are DIFFERENT. I love TPS ana OWL CITY and right now personally i think we need some lyrics like those of Owl City. P.S. A genre (pronounced /????nr?/, also /?d???nr?/; from French, genre /????/, "kind" or "sort", from Latin: genus (stem gener-), Greek: genos, ?????) is a loose set of criteria for a category of composition; the term is often used to categorize literature and speech, but is also used for any other form of art or utterance

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Those of you defending this kid have never heard the Postal Service record. Yes, all music can be similar... but this kid is something else! Blatantly ripping off the Postal Service. BLATANTLY. Clear as day. There is no question! It's ridiculous the extent of it too... it's not like Interpol sounding like Joy Division, it's that this kid actually thinks he has written the next Postal Service record, without the Postal Service! But with horrible lyrics I might add...


I agree with the post above mine. I was driving north from Virgina to NY on Saturday and heard this song on the radio. I knew from the lyrics that it was not the Postal Service. I thought the lyrics were horrible while obviously copying the punchline style of Gibbard. I knew from hearing it that someone was completely ripping them off on this song within a few seconds. The vocal inflections and the melodies and the instrumentation, the flow of the verses. This is not just similarity people, this is like painting in the style of Jackson Pollack and then getting your work shown in galleries as if he never existed. And people go, "Who cares? Who the hell is Jackson Pollack anyways?" And the copycat goes, "Yeah, I think I may have seen a Jackson Pollack painting once a long time ago. But he hasn't painted in a really long time, and maybe this is a continuation of his work." What?


I don't know why I feel so compelled to counter this common meme... but what, really, does everyone think Owl City has in common with the Postal Service? What, really, when it comes down to it? Most of these reviews are basically saying, "Owl City rips off the Postal Service, only instead of [awesome thing about the Postal Service] he does [lame thing the Postal Service doesn't do]"... and therefore, Owl City is a ripoff of the Postal Service? How does that work, exactly?
Yes, there are plenty of similarities, but not enough to justify all the attitude that has been thrown his way. His voice sounds vaguely like Gibbard's, but it sounds like plenty of other voices I've heard as well -- though who really knows, given that Adam Young Autotunes the hell out of his vocals, so his vocals sound like everyone else's anyway. They both write evocative and heartfelt lyrics -- Gibbard's are far, far better, of course -- but Gibbard writes primarily about doomed relationships, while Young writes some of the most upbeat and sappy lyrics this side of "Frosty the Snowman." Most of the production techniques they have in common have also been used by countless other artists. His instrumentation isn't really anything like that of the Postal Service, outside of being electronic -- Young is far more influenced by club music than the quirky blips and glitches favored by Jimmy Tamborello, and the things I think most personify the Postal Service's sound, Young doesn't do. Does "Strawberry Avalanche," for instance, sound even remotely like anything the Postal Service ever did, or ever would do? "No way!" I hear you saying, "That song totally blows!" So why, again, is Owl City a ripoff of the Postal Service?
I'm not defending the guy's music, I'm not particularly a fan of Owl City. I'm just put off by all the lazy thinking surrounding the album's reception. And honestly, I would much rather see a normal guy who makes music in his parents' basement make it big than another empty-headed American Idol clone who's just a puppet and a cash machine for a label. Young writes, plays, records and produces his own music, and he became popular without a ton of marketing hype. You don't have to listen to it, but I think we should be encouraging that sort of thing.

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i think people should drop it. postal service is not that popular anymore and owl city is. owl city is waaay better because the lyrics are fun but make sense to anyone who REALLY listens. all of u who think postal service is better than u have absoultly no idea what ur talking about!


dear kylie - when your best and profound way of trying to make an argument for or against something is "if you think A is better than B, then you have no idea what you're talking about!" then i'm afraid you're 9 years old. i take that back, that's a slap in the face to any 9 year old. you're a retarded 9 year old. hmm, maybe also a slap in the face of retarded 9 year olds.

music is derivative, there's no getting around it. it's hard as hell to be truly original. and even when you are, chances are HIGH that no one will appreciate you for your originality while it's happening because it's so different from what's currently out there or ever has been. you can only hope that you will be appreciated posthumously.

however, there's influence and then there's TOTAL AND BLATANT RIP OFF and that is Owl City, sorry. maybe it wouldn't be so bad if he just came out and said it instead of pretending that The Postal Service never entered into his consciousness. i think that's the worst part. at least acknolwedge you're a hack and enjoy the money. but to act as if he's just playing music he likes (cuz he's heard it somewhere else before, mind you!) is just plain insulting. 6 or 7 years isn't long enough to take such a huge bite out of someone.

hell, how many years was it between The Verve swiping the the strings section from The Rolling Stones? how long was it between Vanilla Ice stealing the exact bass line from Queen/Bowie? Owl City should have waited a smidge longer than they did. This guy should be paying The Postal Service royalties and if you don't think so, then you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about!!!...oh wait... :-P


I had never heard this song before but I had to wiki the artist to make sure it wasn't a mislabeled Postal Service song. Xerox copy. That's fine. What makes the whole thing extremely shady to me is that the guy is like oh no, I mean, sure they are an influence but we didn't copy them. It's like as if the Faint denied any 80s influences on their music. LAUGHABLE.


the Postal Service will most likely never record together again because Ben Gibbard is now with Death Cab for Cutie and they are doing pretty well. I agree that when Adam Young's "Fireflies" came out I was shocked "the Postal Service is back?!" but that was just my first thought. Listening & relistening to Owl City has brought me to this final conclusion: Adam young may at first sound like Ben but Ben Gibbard has something Adam is lacking and that is talent. Ben's voice is almost haunting, even if you don't like his music. Like one post stated "it's like printing money" Owl City will NEVER amount to what The Postal Service or Death Cab for Cutie had/has. Their music is for just about any age; teenagers and adults alike. Adam's fan base is mainly 12 to 13 year old girls who will forget that there ever was an Owl Whatever as long as Lil Wayne's around.


Countless reviews for Ocean Eyes have popped up after the success of "Fireflies." A myriad of critics have already shown their distaste for the album, some going as far as to say "Owl City is largely a vehicle for the one song Adam Young knows how to make." Truly astounding to me is how many people are in denial when comparing this Owl City to the Postal Service. I honestly don't know what deep delusional state you have to be in that you actually fail to see the sickeningly obvious similarities.

A previous comment cited that Owl City lyrics were more "poetic"? Oh please, spare me. "To ten million fireflies/I'm weird 'cause I hate goodbyes." It takes a real poetic genius to come up with THAT brilliant line. Most hilarious perhaps are those who make excuses for him. The following comment by Amanda stood out to me the most: "He's an insomniac, how much sense do you expect him to make when he hasn't slept for days?"

You know what Amanda? I really don't expect him to make that much sense. However the logical thing to do in his position is to try to get a few winks of sleep; putting out another fluffy, talentless synth-pop album isn't doing anyone any favors.


I am appalled at how unethical these accusations are. I have loved Owl City long before fireflies came out. when I ask my friends "what other songs do you like by owl city?" They respond "i don't know." it is ridiculous.


Who cares. I like both bands. Stop f ucking whining about this sh it. Do you have a band that has ever sold thousands of albums? Ya I didn't think so. Shut the f uck up and either listen or turn off the f ucking speakers.


Strange how christian bands always come out with their religious equivalent long after their non-religious counterparts.

Religion slowing progress???



What an awful post. They never said every single lyric in the song was "pensive" - you picked out one example out of dozens which clearly doesn't fit... hurray for you?

Perhaps they were referring to a different lyric, like...

"I'd like to make myself believe / that planet earth turns slowly / it's hard to say that I'd rather stay awakee when I'm asleep / because my dreams are bursting at the seams"

Meh, I thought it was a new Postal Service song at first, but who cares. They're both good bands, there's plenty of room in my music library for more music like this.


Wait guys, when did they invent that "one band per genre" rule? Because I haven't heard about it but a lot of people seem to be enforcing it. I never realized TPS had exclusive rights to their genre, but if so, shame on you Owl City!
Seriously, anyone who thinks they sound THAT similar doesn't listen to much music. It's like saying The Who rips off The Beatles...


okay, for those of you claiming that owl city is a rip-off of both the postal service and death cab for cutie, you're out of your damn mind. they are two completely different bands. just because ben gibbard is a part of them doesn't make them the same. postal service is synthesizers and death cab is guitars and keyboards. get it through your thick ignorant skulls. i'm willing to bet that some of the people writing those reviews haven't even listened to most of their music. not that im putting down the bands in the least. death cab is one of my favorite bands and postal service was incredible as well. but just because adam's music sounds like TPS doesn't make it a "blatant ripoff". ever heard of a GENRE? owl city has amazing songs. and im not just talking about fireflies and vanilla twilight. try listening to if my heart was a house, meteor shower, on the wing, etc. he is very talented with lyrics and with music.
bottom line - the postal service is the only band that you could reasonably compare with owl city. and TPS's music, although spectacular, is riddled with bitter and cynical lyrics and melodies (which i love anyway); while owl city is much more light-hearted and happy. SO EVERYONE JUST BACK OFF AND LET HIM KEEP MAKING MUSIC THE WAY HE PLEASES. it's obviously working for him.


If you really think Owl City doesn't directly rip off The Postal Service, you are either deaf, retarded, or both. The beats are almost exactly the same. His voice sounds like he is actively TRYING to do a Ben Gibbard impression.

Its not about genre, its about sounding exactly the same.
All of Owl City's songs sound like rip offs of Such Great Heights.
You people are in denial.

Owl City is a blatant rip off. If you disagree with me, you are wrong. End of story.


Owl City sucks. His lyrics are silly and insipid. UGH! Every time I happen upon one of his songs, I start hulking out.


I can't fecking understand how people can compare meaningful songs by the postal service to this owl shatt.


Scroll up, read Dan's post from Dec 14 if you hadn't already. I totally agree.
Its not that there can't be more than one band in a genre, which many are arguing. The point is Ben Gibbard/TPS is beyond just being lumped into the indie synthpop genre, just as a Jackson Pollack piece can be pointed out from a mile away in the dark in a museum filled with other abstract impressionist pieces. You can probably name hundreds of bands that can be grouped into the same genre as TPS, but can you find a group that sounds just as similar to them as Owl City? No one even came close to creating a sound and vocal style TPS created, that is until Owl City came along. Seriously, think long and hard, research it and come back in a few days and let me know if you can find a group that sounds as eerily similar- not just with the beats and electronic influence but ALSO with the same vocal style- as TPS.


I like both Owl City and The Postal Service. Though I feel the Postal Service had potential, they died off because they didn't produce any albums past 2003. I will not deny that Adam Young's music does sound similar to the Ben Gibbards(TPS), but honestly. It seems to be more of mere coincidence. There has been countless times bands sound like other bands, whether eerily alike or merely. It seems inevitable there will be bands that sound immensely alike others. I find no reason to point fingers or accuse.


While I am going to be saying the same thing as several others before me, I still feel compelled to do so.

I have enjoyed all of Postal Service's Give Up album since I purchased it waaaaay back when. Like many others, when I heard Fireflies on the radio, I took a mental note of it and Googled it when I got home, excited to hear fresh material from TPS which sounded far more upbeat than their former effort.

I was disappointed to find it wasn't them, but Fireflies was so infectious that I decided to go ahead and get it so that I could hear all of it's intricacies. After research and further listening, I was pleased to find that many of the instrumentals were done by him. Also, it's undeniable that all the music works together to move you and put you in an almost giddy mood. His talent is evident, and his production is superb. His lyricism is playful and sometimes almost over-the-top in the goofy department, but its effect on you is something that you can find almost nowhere else.

Back to TPS vs. Owl City... I still am capable of hearing some similarities, but it's a rarity that I'd prefer listening to TPS because it oftentimes leaves me feeling down about life while Owl City has the opposite effect. The production and delivery is occasionally similar. If you read the top review of Ocean Eyes on Amazon, it concisely and informatively makes a comparison/contrast between the 2. It is worth the read and will perhaps makes you think twice before calling Owl City a "rip off."

Cheers to well-made music!


I honestly love Owl City, but not the song "Fireflies' I was very disapointed with that song. But just in defense of Adam Young, his first two albums were realeased independently , he wasnt always "a major-label" band. Just sayin.


You cannot judge someones intellect by the music they listen to. Just because the one song, "fireflies" does not have very deep lyrics doesn't mean the fans wouldn't understand anything deeper. You have to see that only this song really made it big. So many of Adam's other songs are phenomenal, but everyone is too absorbed in "fireflies" to really see that. I don't honestly even like "fireflies" because his earlier work, pre-label, was much better in my opinion. But that's just it, everyone is entitled to an opinion, you don't have to listen to other people's opinions though, so stop taking them to heart.


Has anyone ever thought that maybe not everyone wants profound music? Seriously that's why I became a fan/stan for Owl City because he has lyrics that aren't so serious unlike everyone else who are always trying to sound profound. Well I hate to break to you but not everyone is as wise as they try to be. Are you mad that no one heard of TPS until Owl City came out? Well maybe if it wasn't for their hiatus people would've known who they were. Don't blame Owl City because he's playing the music he wants and people notice and like it. Maybe you should tell TPS to step their game up. TPS didn't create the genre, so they weren't the first and won't be the last.


if you have listened to any postal service songs you know that you cant bash them and cmpare them to owl city. ben gibbard is a beast death cab for cutie the postal serivce are you serious???? dont get me wrong fireflies is a great song and very catchy i like it... needless to say dont bash the posal service you ingrateful hipsters

postal service >>>>owl city

Owl City = Jackie Jormp-Jomp


The real question is why anyone would even imitate the postal service anyways. And why would anyone care if they ripped off a band that stinks in the first place? They're both awful. So who cares? Crap imitating crap.


lawl, you people protecting this band are so ****ing retarded. I hope you realize this.


if you people don't like Owl City, then why are you even on a page concerning them? stop hating and get a life.


I've read all of these, and it is quite ridicules. I have been a huge fan of postal service for years, and also Owl City. After listening to both albums, how can you even say Owl City copied? Yes, he uses synths, big deal. Postal Service is slow tempoed and chill. Owl City is upbeat and dancy. Complete opposites. And about such great heights, THAT WAS ONE SONG! Not one single song of the postal service even remotely sounds like Owl City. Vocals may be similar, but who cares. And you're on this page saying he sucks and stuff... who are you to do that? You probably have no musical talent and all... He's making huge bucks now, unlike you.
So. They're both good bands. With few similarities.


I feel conflicted here. It cannot be denied that the two sound similar and it does frustrate me to know end that Adam Young has clearly taken vocal cues from Gibbard to the point that it could set a precedence for vocal plagiarism. Having said all that, I think it would be remiss to discredit Mr. Young. He clearly puts a lot of effort into his works and they are richly layered as well as original. Furthermore, when looking at the messages in the lyrics one is light-hearted and I dare say bubble-gummy, the other does have a broader range. Like it or not, Such Great Heights was the the only good song on The Postal Services album and were definitely more exploratory in terms of the composition whereas OC is a little heavy on the gloss. I sound heavy handed with Owl City I realize, but I genuinely like the stuff. Ocean Eyes borders on being sickly sweet, so much so that I find it enduring. I found more to chew on with PS but it should be compulsory to dig and nag at my soul to enjoy music. Ocean Eyes is an exercise in auditory hedonism and that's okay!
On a separate note I would also like to point out to people who might attempt to defame The Postal Service are a little silly. Without such a band there would be no room for Owl City and others like him. Face it, most of you were introduced to the Postal Service because your older brothers or sisters were listening to them, and now you find yourselves listening to OC 6 years later? Both groups are good for different reasons and one person may not like the other but do everyone a favor and give credit where credit is due. I am not comparing the PS to them when I say this, but where would music be without the Velvet Underground, or the Beatles? Where would Lady Gaga be without Madonna? Don't discount other bands because you spend your day trying to non-conform like all the other non-conformists at Urban Outfitters, you petulant sock puppets of the Disney Channel.

Justin M. Walker

I'd be happy if they created more music like this. The Postal Service has ended, and in steps Owl City. I'm all for it.... This music style appeals to me.


one thing.... people keep bashing the lyrics of Fireflies.... IT'S ABOUT A DREAM HE HAD; OF COURSE IT DOESN'T MAKE COMPLETE SENSE! don't say things unless you know what your talking about please.


Hmm, postal service... That name sounds familiar! In 2003 I was about 7. Owl city isn't a band FYI, it's just adam young! One-man band, lol. He only performs with a band when he is live. Personally, I think whoever wrote this and whoever agrees with it should suck it up and stop living in the past! Postal service is obviously not writing music anymore. Owl city is. That's that, end of story.


Okay guys I have read every post and I find that most of you just need to relax. Okay yeah Owl City sounds sort of like Such Great Heights.
The people that are all talking about Gibberd being such a musical genius with TPS and Death Cab did you ever think to look past Owl City to the other bands that Adam Young has been a part of?
"Oh yeah I forgot that I needed to be unbiased and look at both sides of the story."
Do yourself a favor and look up Swimming With Dolphins and Port Blue before you make up any accusations of blatant copying. Adam Young has had an electric feel in every band he's been with and he did not hear the Postal Service's album and say I'm going to copy that. You guys need to do research before you insult. Yes Postal Service and Owl City are good and both guys have been in other bands before so don't just associate them with one band. Thanks hope that helped.


This isn't a case of hey these guys 'kind of' sound like this other band. It's a case of Holy Crap they have openly copied this other band! Lets tkae a band like Interpol as an example, they have blatantly been influenced by Joy divison, but they progress that sound further to make something completely different. they are not so much ripping them off but infleunced by them.

With Owl City this isn't the case they are essentially a Postal Service covers band. the only difference being that Owl City have watered down the Postal Service significantly lyrically so it'll sell more to the 'tween' Christian market.


First, you have to define exactly what "ripping off the sound of and independent band" is. Why would a reasonable person feel that Owl City is "ripping off the sound" of The Postal Service when they have similar, but uniquely different music? Mabey The Postal Service and fans of it (and reporters of various national publications) should feel not "ripped off," but rather complimented not only that Owl City creates music similar to The Postal Service, thereby extending whatever legacy they had, but also taking it to a uniquely different level for a different audience. Mabey we should focus on collaboration and appreciation of other bands' differences, instead of accusing them of "ripping off" their colleagues.


What?! Owl City wouldn't rip off anyone. That's such a serious accusation of the reporter who wrote the article!
I support Owl City and I do not think that they would rip off anyone!


First of all, I love Owl City and The Postal Service AND Death Cab for Cutie. I have a feeling half of the people comparing Owl City to TPS don't know that Owl City is just 1 guy (Adam Young, not "they") and the singer of TPS is the singer of DCFC. And if I remember correctly, it was Jimmy that came up with most of the beats and music for TPS. Owl City= Upbeat and Happy. TPS= Mellow


I love Owl City and I love Ben whether he is in DCFC or TPS. As someone who has all their combined albums memorized I can honestly say Owl City is not "ripping them off" as so many of you so unfairly claim. They have similar high sounding, sweet voices but as for the music it's not the same...
This basis is coming from Such Great Heights vs. Owl City's whole discography. Just because they both use synths doesn't mean anything. Their style is totally different. Ben is more "heavy" and his lyrics get melancholy or philosophical and the beats are not as happy or light. It's "darker" synthpop. His music makes me think of being alone in NYC or in a dim light cafe, driving at night alone, being in the rain and city life. It's mellow music I can fall asleep to or just chill to in my room. Give Up doesn't have much musical range, all the songs are in similar style. DCFC produces more varying sounds than TPS. (IMO of course)

Adam is light and sweet and his lyrics can either be adorably happy or sad but disguised behind a bright tune. His sound is bright and makes me think of California, beaches, oceans, sunsets, bike rides in summer, amusement parks and bright lights. It's music I could get up and dance to, or fall asleep to, whichever purpose I need it for. It's more versatile in my opinion. Each album sounds different.
Of course not all his lyrics are serious but if you think Owl City isn't capable of producing deep messages and drawing beautiful metaphors you are not giving him a chance and you are not listening hard enough. And since when did lyrics have to make sense anyways? Guess a few of you complainers need tell the Beatles that they're crap because I Am the Walrus because they singing Goo Goo Ga Joob and what the hell is that anyways?

Stop comparing one song to entire albums and just because people have the same voice doesn't mean one is "copying" the other.


Ok - well I know the music of both bands well and Owl City is a rip-off of The Postal Service - but only really to the degree they take the (very) unique indie-pop synth sound of The Postal Service however they add pop lyrics and hence create a different type of music.

Let's get it clear that The Postal Service are not emo and the clever part of their music is the way they mix thoughtful and meaningful lyrics with indie-pop synth music. And as for them not having released an album for 7 years - true but I take it you've heard of Death Cab for Cutie (the lead singer is one half of The Postal Service) and they released an excellent album (Narrow Stairs) in 2008.

It really is a shame that Owl City lack depth in their music and really are just modern pop synth - like La Roux or Frankmusik. Good fun but sadly nothing more.


Owl City copied Postal Service. Owl City sucks. So you're all saying Postal Service sucks? The crap you guys argue about...jesus.


it isnt about the sound its about the meaning, the feel of the music and lyrics. owl city has a different feeling to the postal service because they are not the same people.
some people will connect more to owl city's music while others the postal service. it just depends how you listen to the music.


I'm not sure what dictionary what used for the pensive definition used in this article, but Merriam Webster's first definition for the word is "musingly or dreamily thoughtful." Even if you think the thoughts in "Fireflies" don't make any sense, there's no denying that they are thoughts (as the events that take place in the lyrics of this song cannot take place outside of the mind), and there's definitely no denying that it's dreamlike. I'm not sure how The New York Times was wrong there.


You are an idiot if you can't see that owl city completely rips off the postal service. It's like the difference between a van gogh and someone on the street corner selling knock-offs with the same thick painted brush strokes. One is genuine and a real invention, and the other is just a copy.

Whats sad isnt that adam young completely rips off ben gibbard and ps, but that most people don't even care. its the death of art, and rewards someone who doesnt have the courage or imagination to come up with a style of his own.


owl city sucks. the postal sevice is amazing.


Personally, I was and am still a HUGE TPS fan, but once I heard fireflies, I never really thought, 'OH Ben took back the side project.' There are subtle differences between Owl City and TPS that make them well...different. I mean, yeah, there are similarities, but as a fan of both I'm not going to get all up and arms! If you like one, and you like to listen to different music then well you might just want to put both on your mp3 :)


I live in a developing-u can say poor-country and i want to tell u that I never heard of Postal Service b4,nver knew dat ders a band named PS,but I know Owl City,I know Adam Young n all his awesome songs. The point is, Adam Young with his Owl City is far more popular worldwide bcoz he is more talented,his songs have proved dat! Nb: now i think TPS sud thank to Owl City coz now im gonna google who ben gibbard is,lol


A couple of years ago there was this guy having art shows in the city I live. His paintings were almost identical to Jean Michel Basquiat's. Not just similar in concept or layering, but complete rip offs. So much so that you could even tell which painting he was copying. It was so blatent that I thought it had to be intentional, like he had some b.s. excuse for why he was doing fake Basquiat paintings. He didn't. He just lacked originality and vision. I was offended at first that someone would actually do that, but I realized that it didn't matter. This kid was never going to be a Jean Michel Basquiat.
Im not saying owl city will never make it, because they already have. I'm just saying that you don't get much respect or credibility for re doing something that's already been done.


Owl City isn't a rip-off from the Postal Service.. (and I'm definitely not an idiot). When I heard people said that, I listened to some PS stuff, and there are some similarities, especially between Such Great Heights and a few Owl City songs. But I also heard some songs that weren't really similar to Owl City... yeah, the same genre, but nothing more. And songs from OC like Strawberry Avalanche, Umbrella Beach, Dental Care or Tidal Wave don't sound like the Postal Service at all.
I also don't get why people say Owl City lyrics are crap. Yeah, songs like Fireflies don't make a lot of sense, and some songs do make sense but are just for fun. But there are also songs that have deeper meanings, like Tidal Wave, Meteor Shower or This Is The Future. And even the fun songs have some deeper thoughts in it, also Fireflies: "I'd like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly" could be about time's going so fast and you want everything to go some slower.
At least I'd rather listen to this kind of lyrics than listen to most crap on the radio about partying all the time or "love" for one night.


I love Owl City and Death Cab. I have never heard of Postal Service, but reading all this led me to listen to Such Great Heights and a few other songs of Postal Service. I found that for one, both use synth. But Postal Service's music is mellower and more profound while Owl City's music is more vibrant and surreal. They're both brilliant. As for the lyrics, its easy to see that at face value, Postal service's lyrics have deep, profound meanings while Owl City's looks like a child wrote them. Harsh, but true. However, according to the dictionary, "Pensive often connotes a wistful, dreamy, or sad quality," and that if any of the fervent haters have any inkling of something called music appreciation or even literary appreciation, they'd understand the tenor and path of Young's mind. It's not as deep, but it has meaning, and if any of them bothered to, they'd understand what it means.

As for copying vocals and ripping off Postal Service, that's the reason for having genres. They all sound the same. Have any of you ever listened to Korn or Nirvana? Rock metal bands sound the same but they don't rip off the other because they have distinct styles. You can always tell which one is a country singer and which one is a rap. They're all part of one genre but have very distinct styles. Ben is very different from Adam. Some say he's better, others like Adam, it's a matter of preference.

And anyway, I agree with Lenn above. Its better to listen to this music than to crap about partying all the time or "love" for one night. Now there's music that not only lacks depth but also perpetrate stupidity in the minds of people. No wonder the world is going to hell.


I thought the Postal Service album was very hit and miss. 'Such Great Heights' however is a masterful piece of indie pop - brilliantly produced with fantastic lyrical flourishes.

'Fireflies' by comparison sounds like a poor copy - like someone has been asked by an ad company to make a version of such great heights that's similar but not exactly the same so they won't get sued.

Its along the same lines as The Jam copying the beatles 'taxman' with the song 'start' or Michael Jackson doing his own version of 'Higher ground' under the title 'Leave me alone.' Nothing can touch the original and the artist will always have to live in the knowledge that they essentially ripped someone off.


Alright damnit. Look at the bull crap artists who have gotten big over the last decade for any reason except talent. Brintney Spears, Jessica Simpson...what do they really do? they are hot and can sing, ok, but how many girls are there in the world that can out sing those bitches anyday but are overweight so they will never be taken seriously? Nearly every god damned female artist, thats famous, is attractive, and no one can say that doesn't have to do with their fame. Are they creative? Do theyr write any of their material? No! someone else writes it and they go out on stage and shake their tits and get rich, gotta love it. But then someone like Adam Young comes along and is creative, he came from nowhere and he writes his own stuff! He is not particularly a hot item as far as looks go or anything, so TALENT and CREATIVITY are what have gotten him where he is. He has not gotten there by putting make-up on, dancing like a worthless whore, and singing songs that someone else wrote.

Travis Crane

Can't Owl City and TPS coexist? Owl City is no more 'ripping off' TPS as Drake is ripping off Snoop Dogg.

Sometimes it's not about two lines of a song, it's about the whole mataphore. When you're listening to Owl City, lyrics are never obvious. The point is to consider his words and take out of them what speaks to you personally.


I assumed the singers were one in the same, In being a singer I know how many voices I carry, How many ways It is I can sing, and in knowing that I have a hard time believing This wasn't someone ripping off postal service (whom I respect) It was sad to me to hear someone else trying to get rich off of some ones firm foundation, I'm glad to hear Adam can admit it , even if the rest of you can't. Postal service was a chapter in itself, death cab being his next chapter,,,, YOu cant write a chapter for someone else and your Ignorant to think so, If the book Is over the book is over wether the reader likes it or not, you can't write an ending on the credit page because you think its better this way, If I were Ben Gibbard I would sue

Bell Jar Antics

The question isn't whether you like it; it's whether or not one band (Owl City) profited off of another group (Postal Service). There would be no Owl City w/o Postal Service. Bottom Line.


first of all, Adam Young had sleeping disorders, but not to the point where he actually became insane. He said that when he's sleepless, that's where he gets the most inspiration. He said that Fireflies was a musical translation of dawn and fireflies, and he wants to send an optimistic message in his songs.

Oh and btw, compare any song from his Maybe I'm Dreaming album to any of Postal Services', they sound real different. I'm guessing that the more mature sound to Ocean Eyes was due to Matthew Thiessen's influence. He co-wrote/co-produced some of the songs if you didn't know (yes, Fireflies was co-produced by Matt. Don't believe me? Proof:

IMO, people who bash Owl City are people who don't know how to appreciate music with a good message. Yeah, most of his lyrics are symbolic, but they make you think, and feel, and that's why I like him and his music. For me, they are not childish at all. and for the record, he did not rip PS off. :0


Okay obviously The Postal Service sucks if they havn't even had a single out on the radio & Owl City (Adam Young) was inspired by TPS. He did not take anything from them. Owl City is so much better & Adam writes his own music which is incredible btw. & Adam Young's music is completely & utterly his & it's such beautiful work that it's so popular because it's A NEW THINGS. get that in your thick head. you guys are so stupid to think Postal Service has good music. it sucks & it sounds fake. Now Owl City is real & is amazing in the most ligit way so Owl City is real.


They sound similar but i think there's one distinct difference postal service sing about sorta sad things in a happy tone and owl city sing about happy things in a happy tone hahah well thats what i picked up from my limited experience of owl city but ive heard all the postal service songs and i think there awesome well thats my two cents.


People keep on talking about "Fireflies" like it is what makes Owl City Great. The chart topping song of a band is never what makes it great. It's every other song on the album that makes it great.

P.S. Why can't we like them both? I personally love Postal service and have been listening to them since I was a kid. I have been starved for something new that kind of has a similar feel for a long time. I love them both. Postal service has darker tones, while Owl city is surprisingly uplifting.


just heard of postal service for the first time,after reading all the comments i had to google them and also listen to some of their songs.
All those saying its a rip off are BIG FOOLS
i think they are just trying to be loyal fans of PS, the whole idea sucks.


Some people like Postal Service and some people like Owl City. Don't diss the other peeps! If Owl City is a rip off of The Postal Service, then apples are rip offs of oranges and you are a cheap rip off of someone who was born fifty years before you. Leave Adam alone! It's not his fault he was born after the PS peeps! Don't you guys have something better to do? Go listen to some good music, enjoy your life, and leave other people's lives alone!

get a life

just to throw something out there... how about this... everyone just chill out. owl city is not a rip off...its a branch off into a new genre of music. saying hes a rip off is like saying christina aguilera is a rip off of britney spears. Or flogging molly is a rip off of dropkick murphys. they're all in a certain genre of music. they have genres for a reason. the postal service was just the first poster band of that genre of music. so anything sythpop or electronica that comes along is nothing more than an addition to that genre of music. i think my point has been made pretty clear no need for me to go on. get a clue ppl and just chill out. music is an art to enjoy, not for u to find things to bash about. musicians make music because they love to do it.. its a way to express emotions, pass the time or to just have fun. why try to ruin someone's happiness?


“There was really nothing to compare it to until some one else came along and wrote the next chapter. Maybe that’s this record. Maybe that’s this band.” - Adam Young. That is all that needs to be said and if you have half a brain you can easily come to the conclusion that Owl City is not ripping anyone off. No one composes music purely from nothing it is a mixture of all your influences with your own specific musical purpose, style, or twist on it. Obviously you should try to keep it as original possible but any music of the same genre is going to sound similar. Owl City is one of the most honest, creative, humble, and unique artists I have heard hit the radio in a long time and if you took time to check out some of his work a lot of you would be astonished about just what a innovative and influential artist he is to the electronic music genre.


The Postal Service was an amazing band and it's really too bad that they are being bashed so much! Owl City does sound very similar, but they are awesome too. Both bands have great music to enjoy! Why make such a big deal?


i will never be ashamed to say that i love the postal service, its been 7 years now and i still listen to them at least once a week. This new band sounds to much like them, i just heard the song from my little brother and googled it to see if it was gibbard.....


Adam young is a really great person and he would never rip anyone off. He is an insomniac but what does it matter he has great sounding songs and they all have great meanings


When I first heard "Fireflies" by Owl City, I actually thought it was The Postal Service, and thus, I was delighted. However, when I found out that it wasn't by TPS, I really didn't think anymore about it, and just enjoyed the song. After a couple of listenings, I decided that the lyrics of "Fireflies" was completely different compared to the songs of TPS, and so was the mood of the song.
While "Fireflies" (and some of Owl City's other songs) have a very happy, "bouncy" sound and whimsical lyrics with no actual meaning, I found that the mood of TPS was "heavier" and darker, and the lyrics with a deeper meaning.
And thus, I came to the conclusion that if Owl City tried to rip off TPS, they did a BAD JOB. I still prefer TPS to Owl City.
But I still think that they were influenced by TPS, and therefore, I think that the ones bashing TPS while loving Owl City should be a little more grateful for that... that is, if you liked the song "Fireflies", I know nothing of the Owl City's other songs.
But I think that Adam Young is rather talented, and should continue with writing his own songs. He has potential. If he copied TPS, I can only hope that he goes "his own way" from now on.


Anyone who has bothered to really listen to Owl City and Postal Service can immediately tell that both bands have their own styles. A same genre does not equal the same style of singing. Adam has his charm, and PS has theirs.Personally I do not believe in practicing elitism in music. Does listening to a thousand songs by Chopin make you a thousand times smarter than someone who listens to, say, Britney? People will connect to music in their own ways. Why do you like music? Some people appreciate the rhythm- some people the lyrics- and some just go with the overall feel of it. I think that Owl City's niche is in child-like innocence- with the occasional nonsensical lyrics, much like bubblegum fantasy. Nothing wrong with that. Postal Service's sound is more mature- with a slightly more subtle electronica sound- nothing wrong with that also. People have obviously connected with Adam's music in some way. I like BOTH Postal Service and Owl City- I can appreciate their differences in expressing a similar genre.


I don't see the point of this turning into some kind of argument. They sound really similar....get over it. It's pop music, it's meant to be cut and paste. I personally enjoy the cartoonish perspective that his lyrics portray.


Are you kidding me!? First of all, Adam isn't the "frontman" of Owl City. He's the only member! Do some research before you write an essay! And second, I don't know about you guys, but I personally don't think that Owl City and The Postal Service sound very much alike. Same style of music, and that's about all. And really! No one says, "Hmm, I want to rip someones music off." No one actually rips someone off on purpose! So that argument is getting old, too. And the lyrics aren't even similar! I'm not saying that I hate the Postal Service. I actually like it. And if it weren't for Owl City I wouldn't have known they existed, because I wouldn't have read other stuff like this, and then listened to them, then bought one of their albums. But there is no comparison between the two. So quit trying to forge one. I've loved Owl City for several years now. And only after "Fireflies" came out was any of this said. If all it took was one song for this to start, than it should only take one comment to stop it. So seriously. Go listen to your music, and I'll listen to mine. The end. No more problems.


And "EH". There are many people of all ages that love Owl City. So shut up. Kay? Good. And Amanda. I can make sense just fine even though I'm an insomniac. No offense meant against you, but that was sort of offensive to me, and probably anyone else with insomnia.


I feel so compelled to put in my 2 cents because I love Owl City's innocent daydream filled lyrics, I don't why people get so worked up about it being the same style of music as the Postal Service. Adam Young is so talented, in all his songs you can immerse yourself in foot tapping, finger snapping, optimistic tunes. Each song has a way of whisking your worries out of mind, and you can sort of delve into the creative inner workings of his imagination. Please don't be unnecessarily rude, remember to each his own :)


Owl city isn't just the Fireflies lyrics you hear on the radio. I'll admit, Fireflies sucks. Maybe if they didn't overplay it, it could be better. You're wasting your time saying Adam Young is a ripoff. If he had never made it to the radio, you wouldn't have known his name, would you? Adam young has a comfortable amount of fans and I happen to be one of them. The postal service hasn't written a song in years, and to tell you the truth, I think they suck. You can relate to Adam Young So much better.

"every mushroom cloud has a silver lining." although you're probably too much of an idiot to know what a mushroom cloud is, this line is pretty deep, and there's a lot more where that came from.
Ever heard the song Meteor shower? He has practically given up on life. His girlfriend's dead, he can't sleep. So guess what he does? He writes a song to god. "I am not my own, for I have been made new. Please don't let me go. I desperately need you" He's basically saying, "god, don't give up on me. I'm still here. I need your help." Dont you idiots understand that this is real music? Much better than TPS in my opinion.

Wow you are an idiot

Time to get schooled.

1. Postal Service has "not released any albums since 2003" because it was a ONE TIME side project. That's it. Any loyal Death Cab fan knew that from the beginning. Give Up was LITERALLY made via the POSTAL SERVICE. Beats flown from the east coast to the west coast and lyrics flown back. That's it. Not a band, just two men making something unique.

2. "Postal Service didn't put out another record, but Ben Gibbard is doing Death Cab for Cutie now and they are doing pretty well." Are you F*^&*NG kidding me? Do you know how long Death Cab has been around? Trust me...they have been doing "pretty well" for a very long time. Just 'cause you didn't see them on MTV doesn't mean that they haven't sold millions and toured sold out shows for years. 1997...the first time I saw them...get it straight.

3. This kid is a Ben Gibbard sound-a-like and he is taking the stylings of Postal Service, no doubt about it. That doesn't mean Postal Service would have a case against him...that is why they are not "going after him." He doesn't fall into copyright infringement, he just makes it clear he has no unique bone in his body.

4. As far as being ashamed that I like Postal Service? Get real. I compare them to Elastica rather than Garbage. And trust me Elastica is still in heavy rotation in many people's lives...right up there with Fugazi- 13 Songs, Depeche Mode- Some Great Reward, The Smiths- The Smiths, and Pixies- Surfer Rosa. I don't get embarrassed because I like good, unique music...not top 40 s*%^.


just because metallica played rock and some young band plays it doesn't their ripping them off


TPS hasn't said anything about it, so why can't you just let Adam Young make music he likes? Don't like it, don't listen to it.


The problem here is the stupidity of this situation.
I have loved the music of the Postal Service for a while. Many of my friends and family either didn't like it or didn't get it and dismissed this band as crap. My response was to sigh, remind my self that we all have different tastes and get on with my life. Who cares right? Each to their own.
The problem is, that when you turn the radio on a few years later you hear someone praising a 'new' band with a 'new' sound. I have the same people that dismissed the Postal Service as crap run to me and exclaim "wow have you heard that Owl City song, it's awesome!"
Again, sigh, remind myself that we all have different tastes and get on with my life. Who cares right? Each to their own.
Only this time my blood boils... How does this happen?
Why is it quality bands never receive the recognition they deserve and we are all subjected to second rate crap making it big, purely because MTV or some other media entity says so? Owl City are ok. They have made it big, good for them. I wish them every success. But how the hell can people say that the Postal Service are crap. It is frustrating after witnessing every freakin' radio station and video program smash this song on the airwaves and enjoy it, thinking that a band (or duo) of arguably more talent (The Postal Service) never reached such great heights [;-p] and never received the same exposure.
I guess the lesson here is like whoever you want and listen to whatever makes you feel good. Don't dismiss things however because only a minority are on board.


I have read a few other comments and i love how the readers have a wider opened mind than the writer. There seems to be one comparison that everyone loves to make, their voices. Now i'm now biologist (actually i kinda am) but Adam Young hasn't changed his vocal chords to resemble Ben Gibbards. Adam young has earlier projects he did, without any electro, and he sounds the same in those ones. It is not something he thought about doing when he heard the Postal Service. And the writer saying he makes as much sense as sarah palin? Don't be insulting, i understand what he's saying just because you don't doesnt mean you can shift your ignorance onto someone else.


Okay, so pretty much there are three groups of people here.
The ones who love TPS and have respect for Owl City's similar but still good music.
The ones who love TPS and bash Owl City because they either think it's crap, or think Owl City copied TPS, or both.
Then there are the people (mostly but not all idiots) who are all like..."zomg owl city is amazing i dont know what your talking about but tps is crap bla bla bla".
I've been an Owl City fan since Of June, and a TPS fan since a little before that.
I look at the two other groups of people and I go...lolwut? x]


Im an owl city fan, and maybe owl city is drawn in that direction to sound a bit like TPS but its really completely different if you bother to listen hard and not judge. Also maybe you should listen to sky sailing which is adam young's band before owl city. thats even more variety. and no his lyrics are not lame. theyre different! owl city, sky sailing and adam young are amazing.


I'm not real sure who the Postal Service is. I know my dad likes them. Although I do know that musicians should be able to explore. Even if their music is similar to one other's band doesnt mean they are being rude or ripping them off. Like he wrote, it could be taken as sign of respect. Owl City is my all time favorite singer I love him , so I might like this Postal Service thing. so my point is a band is a band and people should stop looking at the similar parts and start looking at what makes a singer\band different and unique.


postal service sounds like junk to me... i gave it a chance but i really dont like it. adam young, on the other had, amazes me (: i love owl city


Owl city is the most unique band out there. So the author of this idiotic article can leave.


Just because they're the same type of music doesn't mean they're copying.
Adam Young is allowed to sing in his singing voice.
Just because his voice/music sounds like TPS doesn't mean he should change it.
If you listen to his old band, Sky Sailing, you'll see that his voice sounds the same in other songs. That's how he sings.
He doesn't only sing poppy electronic songs like Fireflies, either.
Listen to Sky Sailing, or maybe the song Meteor Shower.
And the artist LIGHTS sings similar music.
You're not accusing her of stealing.
And she came out with songs a while ago. She was here before Fireflies became a hit.


ok seriously. listen to me.
Ben Gibbards voice is just horrible. like in the song do you realize. hes weird looking and his voice sucks. all his beats kinda sucked too.
but adam young has a flawless voice and makes good sounds.. he may be copying postal service or whatever. BUT HES IMPROVING THE GENRE. his music sounds 9999999999X better than anything tps makes


This reminds me of how everyone accuses youtubers of copying mitchell davis...


sure, i'm not that big of a fan of this kind of genre, you have to admit that owl city does sound somewhat similar to the postal service. that being said, i much prefer "such great heights" to "fireflies", as adam young's voice makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.


Adam's innocent!!!!! I've heard Postal Service's music and I can tell he isn't ripping them off! Sure they're similar style's, but I know Adam and he would never d such a thing. He's good christian guy! How dare all of you accuse him of something you don't know is true or not! It's called false accusation! Anyone who has false accusations against anyone is a terrible person. It's wrong and it can get you in a lot of trouble. He's not copying them!
False accusations aren't something you should post on the internet for the whole world to see! GOSH, YOU PEOPLE ANNOY ME!!! He did nothing wrong! So they're similar. The song "Under pressure" and the song Ice, ice baby" have the same freaking tune! No one went posting about that! So big freakin deal, they're similar. It's not that big a deal. Stop gossiping, lying, and making false accusations, and MOVE ON WITH YOUR FREAKIN LIVES!!!! I'm on Adam's side 100%


I'm a big fan of both bands, but more so Owl City. Why? Well, Postal Service IS good, but I feel that Adam puts more passion into his music and into his writing than Postal Service does. I feel more of a connection to Adam's music than to Ben's music. I've seen interviews with Adam; he seems like the kind of person who is very humble. That first quote from him makes plenty of sense. Maybe he was a huge fan of Postal Service growing up, and he's just taken that style and evolved it to fit Owl City's style. There's nothing wrong with that. Plenty of rock bands out there did that after the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and the Who. This is the exact same case, except with electronica/pop. Postal Service and Owl City both sound like New Wave bands from the 80s, so in the end, they're just bands evolving that style into something new.


Adam young is a great artist regardless of what you think. Adam puts more passion into his music and into his writing than Postal Service does. What makes an artist great is the lyrics for me and how he uses his voice, do you think he ripped his lyrics of Postal Service aswell? no because hes a great, original songwriter with amazing talent, so just shut up..


I think it's funny people are saying "Go google Such Great Heights" and talking about how original TPS is... Such Great Heights came from Iron and Wine first. I love TPS and don't think Owl City is nearly as good, but make better arguments, please, than bringing up a song from TPS that was just a successful cover.


Doesn't matter anyway. He hit on a 17 year old girl on twitter (and later wrote what amounts to a love letter to her on his blog, titled deep regret). What a class act. Check out his twitter or They have the info on it.


First of all owl city is only one person, so you obviously don't know anything about the project second of all they arnt all that similar And lastly being the same genre does not equivocate "ripping off" your clearly really biased on the subject which is a really unappealing trait in a reporter.


This is...interesting.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/drivera/a-milhouse-divided1png.png drivera

Don't compare apples and oranges.

random person

You're username means you're biased!!1!!!!! Shut up and listen. They sound the same. So what? Listen to your own music and get back to life. Listen to some of Owl City's older songs. Waaaaaaaaaay better than Fireflies. Mainly Maybe I'm Dreaming. The hype is on Fireflies. Stay away from it. I like The Postal Service and LIGHTS as well.

good owl city songs:

the saltwater room
vanilla twilight
strawberry avalanche
cave in
the bird and the worm
tidal wave
the tip of the iceberg
the technicolor phase
peppermint winter (new!)
dental care
rugs from me to you

also listen to anything from sky sailing (adam's side project before owl city); it's not electronic but mostly guitar


r u insane?! R u deaf to say that TPS/DCFC's voice r soundly same with Adams?! I think your ears must be repaired, idiots!
They aren't same! Definitly different!
And I've been heard TPS and DCFC songs, they're SUCK! They sound like a gameboy...
Yeah, first, I liked it, before I discover that this isn't a more of piece of sh*t like other song,
unlike OC that his song are peacefull and made me gone to somewhere dreamy place that I never get it from other.
Then, you think that TPS/DCFC lyrics has more deeper meaning than Adams have? So, you're more than idiot! Every masterpiece lyric of Adams have many meaning than you expect, until you'll be out of your mind and then you said that their lyric are meaningless cuz you're too stupid to listen his song!
Then, Owl City is NOT A BAND! It is he is!
Never heard windsor airlift, sky sailing, insect airport, port blue, seagull orchestra? They're just a bit of tons that Adams project beside the Owl City project that was made a long2 years before OC made,
so, you guys called him a ripper?
Think again! Come on, guy's! You have two brains to think!
Oh god! Why there is too many idiots out there?
And why people can't find the real music are sound like?
Who reveiw his song and said that his music are suck, they don't have any taste of music.


Yea, Hello. First off critisizing Owl City for the song Fireflies, was hitting way below the belt. If you even listen to the lyrics of one of his other songs, you'll realize the deep, down to earth meanings, try looking up one of these MANY other songs made by Adam Young, before The Postal Service even existed!
Cave In
The Bird and the Worm
Hello Seattle
Umbrella Beach
The Saltwater Room
Dental Care
Meteor Shower
On the Wing
Vanilla Twilight
The Tip of the Iceberg
Tidal Wave
Hello Seattle(Remix)
If My Heart Was a House
Hot air Balloon
Butterfly Wings
Rugs from Me to You
If My Heart Was a House
Strawberry avalanche
The Real World
Hospital Flowers
Plant Life
Deer in the Headlights
The Honey and the Bee
Dreams Don't Turn to Dust
The Yacht Club
Wear My Heart On My Sleeve
Alligator Sky
On the Wing
Rainbow Veins
Super Honeymoon
The Saltwater Room
Early Birdie
Air Traffic
The Technicolor Phase
Sky Diver
Dear Vienna
I'll Meet You There
This Is the Future
West Coast Friendship
Swimming in Miami
Captains and Cruise Ships
Designer Skyline
Panda Bear
The Airway
Fuzzy Blue Lights
Peppermint Winter
Captains of the Sky
Steady as She Goes
A Little Opera Goes a Long Way
Tennis Elbow
Blue and Red
I Live Alone
Take Me Somewhere Nice
Flowers of the field
Blue Dallas
Dolphin Park
The Grizzly
Insect Airport
Nuclear Suplex
Seagull Orchestra
If anyhting, people should accuse The Postal Service of Mimiking Adam Young's style and in doing so taking away half the meanings, and just providing people catchy lyrics. I agree that Fireflies is stupid, but it's catchy which is the only reson you tone deaf people listen to it!!!!! BTW I never got why the people above would waste their time, and our time reading their comments, to say they hate owl city, if u do, THEN WHY DID YOU READ THIS ARTICLE AND SPEND 10MINUTES COMMENTING? GOD! it's justin Bieber all over again!!!! (>:0)-1-<


It is amusing to read people arguing over whether the lyrics are deep or meaningful. If you were going by that standard, Rihanna's "Umbrella" or Cee-Lo Green's break up song, for starters, should never make the charts. I like the song "fireflies" because it is upbeat and creates a great visual in my head. Sick of listening to songs about sex and relationships. Always loved the Beatles, and their songs don't make any sense either- this never ruined my enjoyment in listening to them. Lighten up people.


Well can i just say this. There is so much room in this world for someone who loves music to express themselves. If you want to compare Owl City to Postal Service go ahead. I feel that to much time in this world is frankly wasted by idiotic people who cannot either not listen or find the joy in the journey of all music. There are only so many sounds instruments can make and if Adam Young is attracted to the music he makes and it makes him happy then all the better,. The world is not worse with his music that has 0 swearing, hardly any sexual innuendos and no talk of drugs. However if people do drugs while listening to this music that is there choice. We all have choices and no one in this world can force us to do anything. We choose all our paths on life. Instead of talking down about someone why not respect what they do and move on and lift someone instead. It is not a matter of being childish but mature. Lets just rejoice that we are living and have the ability to even hear music. Our ears are one of the most amazing structures! Have fun in life. If you have fun talking down about music then go ahead again you have choice. I guess the point is that it is to much of a waste of time to put negativity into the atmosphere! Live life mate's.


Why's everyone bashing him for his lyrics being silly? He's not doing it accidentally. They're supposed to be playful and nostalgic, almost reminding you of childhood. Adam is purposefully not trying to remind us of the real world, and all of its problems. Some say that Ocean Eyes was written about his girlfriend who died, but I can't find whether that info is true or not. If it is, then no wonder his lyrics are silly! He doesn't want to write an emotionally deep and depressing song, so he covers it up with hugs from fireflies and falling asleep in hospital parking lots. I think it's beautiful, and Adam does a fairly job of making the listener forget about the real world for the length of a song or so.
And I'd like to know why nobody's bashing on Lady Gaga for "bluffin' with her muffin"; it's just as silly.


So basically what some people are saying is that if you have a high tenor voice, write imaginative lyrics, and play keyboards and guitar, don't even think about making music because you might sound like the Postal Service.

That's really dumb. I guess we will have to call Brent Knopf of Ramona Falls and formerly of Menomena and tell him to stop writing music, too. And why not tell Wes Miles of Ra Ra Riot to simply shut up because he sings in that same range.

Please try listening to the melodies which are not the same melodies. In classical music, there are alot of songs which are piano and voice only. Should we say that those aren't valid because someone else already wrote songs with voice and piano? The voice of a singer may is different in quality, though not it range. When listening to classical music many voices exist which are similar in range but there are subtleties of inflection, tambour, and tone which distinguish each of them. Perhaps it's about time that the rock world learn to accept this also.

He's out there performing and creating while some of you are just typing mean, scathing remarks. Thankfully some of you get it.

Diana Diaz

please. i love owl city and the postal service is ok, but, i don't get how they sound alike. really. explain. i listened to 5 songs by the postal service and compared it to another 5 songs by Adam Young. TPS: Slow, sad-sounding. Owl City/ Sky Sailing: Happy, care-free, i-wish-we-could-sail-our-sad-days-away. I don't get it. Both bands are really good. I just don't like the idea that Owl City is ripping off TPS. Why? Because he is not. Duh. I agree with one of the commenters: This is false accusation.

i have insomnia. i know what it is like. i love to spend the time in which i can't sleep day-dreaming about the things that make me happy. i get bored, write a short paragraph about my thoughts in my journal, and i feel better instantly.

People, remember The Pursuit of Happiness. Adam gets to do what he wants. also, he is a christain. Some people, and i have seen stuff like this on youtube, don't like him because he is a christian.

he loves the innocence of the country side. he loves innocence, he is innocent.

also, he is an introvert. also like me. i have a lot in common with him so i know how he thinks. introverts are people who aren't always in style. they play close attention to their feelings and they are not very social. he makes his music and lyrics on his own. he uses a lot of his own effort. cheer him on.

back to TPS. they are ok, they make ok music. (although they can be a bit pathetic at times.) blah blah blah. they know what they are doing, but they aren't as artful or creative as Owl City. Owl City mixes emotional art with poetry practically. TPS mixes somesad-but-true words with musical art.

your opinion. which is more of your type.

CONCLUSION: TPS is NOT ripping off Owl City. And Owl City is NOT ripping off TPS.
Everyone is unique. All music is unique. All thoughts are unique.

And these twenty minutes i spent typing and posting this comment was NOT wasted. I wanted to stop this argument, post my opinion to the public, and make peace.


Owl city citizen

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