The Outrunners

The Outrunners are the production duo of Pierre de la Touche and Stephen Falken. The two producers and DJs are based out of Nantes, France and mainly produce nu-disco, electro-inspired dance-floor music. Since the late '00s the duo has been closely aligned with the Valerie label/website. The blog Forcekill enthusiastically described the group as having the following five qualities:

1. Pierre de la Touche (Which = awesomest name ever)
2. Stephen Falken
3. 80's Futuristic -think Skatebaard- Synth.
4. Fred-Falke-like French touch house bass! <3
5. Drums with echo, like in Miami Vice!

Needless to say, the group's music and the two producers' tastes often reference '80s popular culture. In 2008, they released the Moroder-ish "Cool Feeling" b/w "Teenage Color" seven-inch via Valerie. Additionally, they contributed tracks for the Valerie & Friends Compilation ("The Runaways," which found the two dubbing out a Full Force-and-Lisa Lisa-style song) and remixed other artists, like label-mate College's "She Never Came Back," which was included on the latter group's Secret Diary Remixed EP. In 2009 the Outrunners released their own remix digital single in 2009 "These Girls Are Dressed To Kill," which featured contributions from birds-of-a-feather Russ Chimes and Livyo. In March 2010, the group's remix of Codebreaker's "Follow Me" was featured in an episode of the television show Ugly Betty.

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