One wonders if the increased availability of every song ever put to tape has expedited the creative careers of barely-out-of-their-teens acts like Cymbals Eat Guitars, Avi Buffalo, and Oberhofer. Brad Oberhofer was raised in Tacoma, Wash., in an atmosphere tailor-made for a budding virtuoso: His mother is an opera singer who taught voice lessons, and she brought the young Oberhofer to countless orchestral concerts and operas. Even at a young age, though, Oberhofer's tastes were diverse. He started freestyle rapping in the fifth grade and making his own beats in the seventh.


For high school Oberhofer attended the Tacoma School of the Arts, the only school of its kind in the area. It was during his time there that he wrote and recorded the seven frantic indie-pop songs that would comprise his grammatically absurd debut EP, o0Oo0Oo. Displaying a canny knack for playing the modern hype machine, Oberhofer offered the EP for free online and started sending it to upwards of 20 MP3 blogs a night. And then, of course, he moved to Brooklyn.


Enrolling as a classical music student at NYU, Oberhofer fleshed out his solo project with three of his peers (Andrew Heaton, Mike Parham, and Pete Sustarsic) and started playing shows in New York City. It was around that time that his relentless social networking started to pay off. After gaining overwhelmingly positive notices from the likes of Pitchfork, BrooklynVegan, and the L Magazine, Oberhober saw one of his songs -- "o0Oo0Oo" -- soundtrack a commercial starring model and Twilight-star Ashley Greene. In early August 2010, Oberhofer released his first 7-inch (and first recording with a full band), the single for "o0Oo0Oo."

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