The VH1 honors things are pretty good for both rock and hip-hop (most of the time).
I know De la Soul is being honored that night they have to be hands down my favorite rap group Beastie Boys come in very very close.

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i think tupac and biggie are the greatest of all time no one has ever been compared to them and no one can..they changes lives ..and the view on hip top 1o list is
1. tupac amaru shakur
2. Notorious B.I.G.
3. grandmaster flash and the furiousfive
4. run dmc
5. Nas
6. eminem
7. young teke
8. south park mexican
9. Ice cube
10. snoop dogg


eazy e is on dat cause he is the best


What about the greatest selling female goroup of all time? The beautiful, the talented, TLC


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