Moe Green

The Vallejo-born emcee was like many of his peers who built an identity based on brands. His emcee name called to mind Puzo's Greene. And his debut album Rocky Maivia: Non-Title Match was a direct reference to professional wrestler The Rock's prior nom-de-play-wrestling. Fittingly, his debut was released on "Interdependent" Media. All of which undeservedly masked the emcee's contrary approach to hip-hop. Unlike many of his Bay Area club counterparts hogging media attention for churning out slap anthems, Green worked with the eclecticism of his native region's rich past. Rhyming over electro-house beats from Kavinsky and La Roux, Green sounded more at home with the indie crowd. Rocky Maivia: Non-Title Match was made available for free via Bandcamp.

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