Not much is known about Brooklyn's Minks, which suits the band's aesthetic just fine. Their '80s-fetishizing tunes are a tribute to an era when a band could, if it so desired, keep itself shrouded in mystery. (Think about it: We still don't know the last name of Felt's Lawrence -- who, by the way, Minks' Shaun Kilfoyle sort of sounds like.) When Minks' first single, "Funeral Song" (tribute to the Cure's "Funeral Party"?) surfaced in April 2010, the only thing the online music critics could judge it by was the music itself. They seemed to like it. The single, and its follow-up, "Ophelia," spent the rest of the year picking up positive notices from all the usual taste-makers (2010 was, after all, a year when '80s mope-rock was even more en vogue than usual -- see Wild Nothing, Frank (Just Frank), Weekend). Much is still unknown about the band, which released its debut LP, By The Hedge, on Captured Tracks on Jan. 11, 2011. They've put on concerts with six members, but the only people we know for sure are in the band are Kilfoyle (vocals, guitar) and Amalie Bruun (vocals). Here's to hoping they can keep up the charade.

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