Matt and Kim

Matt and Kim

While boy-girl duos became standard in the garage-rock revival in the early 2000s, Matt and Kim provided a wrinkle that was distinctly the product of the decade's latter half. A Brooklyn dance punk duo, Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino met while studying at the Pratt Institute in New York, officially forming in 2004. The band's self-titled debut in 2006 received a wave of hype, not only for the band's structure but also because it was following in the of fellow New York dance-rock revivalists such as LCD Soundsystem and Interpol.


The band gained a reputation for high-energy live sets at festival dates following the release of its debut, and its live performances continued before the release of follow-up Grand in 2009. While Grand failed to receive the same critical plaudits as the band's debut, it was something of a crossover hit thanks to heavy airplay on MTV networks and the frequent use of the band's music on the hit TV show Gossip Girl. ~Ethan Stanislawski

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