"Logo is a what's-the-point duo." With a lead like that, how do you even begin to muster the energy to write with any enthusiasm? Perhaps a more suitable lead would be the straightforward, "Logo are a production duo signed to Kitsune that have a MySpace page filled with lean, slinky dance music." Why? Because you could automatically ascertain the following:

* That Logo means lean, slinky dance music branded for people who like to wear lean, slinky black jeans.

* That Logo means lean, slinky dance music to help you brand yourself as you advertise your personality to the digital world.

* That Logo means lean, slinky dance music to be heard through tinny computer or desktop speakers at home or work while you do your subtle two-step in your lean, slinky black jeans.

OK, so maybe a less verbose lead would be, "Logo are making music the modern way." They are in fact two students (Hugues and Thomas) making club music at home to be distributed via a means where said music will likely be first played on any format besides the club, from a smartphone to a home computer. Sure, the irony is rich, but no need for such a downer of a lead, right?

The group's debut EP is appropriately called La Vie Moderne and is scheduled for release in 2010. The EP features two songs, "La Vie Moderne" and "Junocide," as well as a handful of remixes by Danton Eeprom, DyE, Gohan and French Fries.

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