Lionel Richie

Part of them DID reunite at essence fest last year.. I find it a shame that the two that travel and call themselves the Commodores with JD Nicholas (the one that pretends to be Lionel) would allow there jealousy of Lionel's solo success to stop the reunion of the 5 remaining original Commodores.. well three outta 5 rocked the house.. I pray someday the remaining two that travel the world whining about Lionel in interviews will get over it and do a reunion for the FANS.. instead they play to very small venues that can't even sell out and go on pretending that they are just as good as the Old School Commodores.. I hope they grow up someday and choose to join the other 3 original members to complete a reunion.. check out the reunion last year.. Lionel wasn't lying there was a reunion the other two just wouldn't be involved..

OldSchool Commodores fan

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