La Sera

Not to be outdone by former Vivian Girls drummer Frankie Rose and her solo explorations, bassist Katy Goodman branched out with a solo project called La Sera in the middle of 2010. Technically La Sera was a collaboration with filmmaker Brady Hall (the video for Vivian Girls' "Moped Girls"); Brooklyn-based Goodman wrote the material and later recorded it with Hall in Seattle. Sub Pop offshoot Hardly Art announced the project in August 2010 and indicated that a 7-inch would be released in November and a full-length would be scheduled for a 2011 release. The single's A-side "Never Come Around" was reported to be the first feature from the upcoming album, while the B-side "Behind Your Eyes" was a track exclusive to the single.

Considering that Goodman was once quoted as saying, “I hate electronic music,” a reasonable expectation of the group's sound would be non-electronic and unprocessed. Goodman started a similar collaboration earlier in 2010 called All Saints Day that found her paired with Gregg Foreman (Cat Power, Delta 72) and stepping to the fore as a guitarist and singer. That project indeed sounded non-electronic and unprocessed, yet decidedly poppy in a nostalgic way. All encouraging signs of things to come.

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