Keith Richards

This is dumb as shit.


meg white? what the?


nice to see Santagold on there, but the list is absurd.

Dave Park

I've officially stopped caring about even finding out if the new NME hype bands are any good at all. Who are Gallows? I dunno, and I'm not gonna google it either. I feel a weight lifting...

Jeff K

Re: Selection 34. Pete Doherty. Nothing says cool quite like a coked-up has-been.


Ryan Jarman's a legend, should have been number one.

And Yannis from Foals should be higher.

If you don't know who Cribs and Foals are, find out you idiot.

A Realist

Alex Turner and The Monkeys are amazing too.

Oh and Kyle?

Pete Doherty is cool.

End of.

A Realist

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