Katy Perry

Katy Perry

In an alternate universe little Katy Hudson could have become the religious Taylor Swift. At the age of 15 she learned how to write songs under the tutelage of several rock and country veterans in Nashville and recorded a gospel-rock album in 2001. The album failed to chart, so Hudson went back to the drawing board. Two years later she had renamed herself Katy Perry and began working with various producers to find her sound. Sessions with Glen Ballard (Alanis Morisette) and the Matrix (Avril Lavigne, Ashley Tisdale) netted two shelved albums but also moved her toward the mainstream rock-pop arena, where she garnered welcome attention. This led to her contract with Capitol Music in 2007 and the recording of her "second" debut album.

2008's One Of The Boys was a collection of songs Perry had written in the years she had spent exploring the industry. Several marquee pop producers (Dr. Luke, Dave Stewart, Max Martin) worked on the album. Singles like "Ur So Gay" and "I Kissed A Girl" presented her as the girl-next-door pop star with a couple quirks (you know, like having a friend who is totally gay even though he doesn't know it, or that she totally finds that girl hot, but she's totally not gay for saying that). Following the success of the record, the Matrix released their unreleased collaboration, The Matrix. However, by this time Perry had established her pop identity.

In 2009 Perry appeared as a guest vocalist on Timbaland's Shock Value II. She also began work on her follow-up record. She is scheduled to make her screen debut in 2011 with a film version of The Smurfs.  ~Dan Nishimoto


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