Here is a branding exercise: You have a young talented performer named Joshua Paul Randall. He can sing and dance and even has some acting training. He's good-looking, in that department-store-model sort of way. And he's from a city in Florida that is neither Miami nor Tampa. How do you introduce him to the world? His whole name is a bit too cumbersome, so that's the first idea to throw out. Just "Joshua" or "Paul" have a few too many religious connotations -- wouldn't want to ostracize any potential market, right? "J.R." would be an obvious option, though it still has that Dallas connotation in spite of the fact that there are generations of consumers that have never heard of the soap opera. "J.P." sounds almost a little too southern for an artist with so much potential mass appeal. So, what are you left with? Why not "J Randall?" No! Inspiration: "JRandall."

The name is appropriate for an aspiring pop artist. The abbreviation and lack of spacing has enough air of incorrect grammar to suggest something hip in that hippity-hoppity way. Yet the name is incredibly bland and familiar so as not to scare away anyone. Surprisingly, Randall has had to work a couple different gigs on his road to fame. He has acted in a couple films opposite Stephen Baldwin in Loving The Bad Man and Ashley Parker Angel in Wild Things: Foursome. He also has a starring role in the Showtime series Ocean Heat Miami. Meanwhile, he has been signed to Poe Boy Music Group by CEO Elric "E-Class" Prince (the same gentleman who worked Flo Rida and Rick Ross). All the hard work paid off as he landed his single "Spirit Of The Radio" in the film Step-Up 3D.

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