What the ???

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that sounds like an awesome mix tape. please burn me a copy.

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The Stones are Classic Rock
Zeppelin is Classic Rock
The Who
Jimi Hendrix
Johnny Winter
ZZ Top

Green Day is great and all. But they ain't no Classic Rock. This is why demographics and comdification of art is so stupid sometimes. Classic implies long standing cultural and artisric relevants. You couldn't even give birth to a legal driver since that GD record came out!


he's not saying Green Day is classic rock, but a good part of the list is.

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This list has nothing to do with classic rock. It's a list of songs so prominantly displayed in pop culture that people hear them, wonder why they don't have that song because "it's like a classic or something" and download it- Only to listen to the first 2 minutes, realize they have no appreciation for it, and let it wallow in the digital cesspool of inferior Pop music.
People do buy good music. This tells us that those people may prefer other mediums than a purely digital format. Vinyl is coming back, and while Katy Perry may be killing it in the digital sales, expect your Stones, Beatles, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Hendrix, John Denver? or what have you, to be better represented in legacy formats.
Speaking of legacy formats, Back to the Future II is thrilling on mine.

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