Jonna Lee

Jonna Lee is a Swedish singer-songwriter. Residing in both Stockholm and London, she has established a reputation in the music scenes of the two respective countries. Her first recordings were done when she was a teenager and a member of a duo. She released her solo debut album, 10 Pieces, 10 Bruises, in 2007 on the Swedish Razzia label. The gentle, alterna-pop album featured several high-profile U.K. co-signs: a duet with singer Ed Harcourt and co-production by the singer's fiance, Claes Björklund, a touring member of the rock group Travis. The B-side to her single, "Dried Out Eyes," also featured a well-circulated cover of the Postal Service's "DC Sleeps Alone Tonight."


Lee followed that up in 2008 with The War EP, which further garnered her attention. In 2009 she quasi-officially introduced herself to the world with This Is Jonna Lee. The album was again produced by Lee and Björklund and featured several contributions: Neil Primrose of Travis, Annika Norlin of Hello Saferide, and Andrea Kellerman of Firefox AK. She also paired her single "My High" with a cover of another recognizable song, The Killers' "Human." The album was selected by iTunes as a "Next Big Thing" album. In March 2010, speculation arose that Lee was behind the anonymous viral campaign "iamamiwhoami," a claim that the singer's representatives have deflected.  ~Dan Nishimoto

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