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Perhaps McCain should be trying for Mama Mia on Broadway rather than running for president

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Much as I hate to say it, McCain's selections aren't bad at all! "Sweet Caroline" is a great karaoke choice if you've got the voice for it...

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mcain likes abba? what a f****t


U2 - "City of Blinding Lights"
This was one of Hilary Clinton's possible campaign songs, one that you could vote for. That's a terrible choice for Obama.
Louis Armstrong - "What a Wonderful World"
Isn't that ironic. What a wonderful world McCain is trying to destroy for profit.

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You just don't release a list of top 10 songs to a major publication without consulting your political team. I mean, ABBA taking up 2 spots? One of those should have been dedicated to the Hispanic vote, 'Low-Rider' by WAR.

'Dancing Queen'... that person needs to be fired.

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ABBA "Take a Chance on Me"
Desperate much?

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Nice to see some Boss on Barack's list, though I was hoping for another Republican/ "Born in the U.S.A." gaffe...

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what a bunch of bull. looks like their PR teams picked to the audience expectations exactly.


I like Obama's taste better. I will vote for him.

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i didnt know McCain's audience listened to ABBA.

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what, no Elvis on either list?!? (:shakes head, sadly:)

gaetano catelli

1-righteous bros.-you lost that lovin' feelin' 2-george jones-he stopped loving her today 3-ben e king & drifters-save the last dance for me 4- five satins-in the still of the night 5-dick haymes-little white lies 6-billy eckstine-somehow 7-ella fitzgerald with chic webb-my heart belongs to daddy 8- benny goodman at carnegie hall-sing sing sing 9-doobie bros.-what a fool believes 10-billy eckstine-fool that I am 11-george jones-she still thinks I care 12-don & juan-what's your name 13-tito nieves-I like it like that............ more, many more great ones..............


mico is "old school", very much older than john mccain.......... as you can tell by my heart belongs to daddy. the better music seems to now come from latin america and country western. jersey city has given rise to the best dancers . I wonder if obama and mccain can mambo ?

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obama will kick john mccains butt like duh


anyone who votes for a candidate based on this shouldn't be allowed to leave the house unsupervised ,let alone vote. besides it's obvious to me that obama's choices were a little more calculating to appeal to hillary supporters and his base. mccain's choices are obviously a little older and not as popular but they seem like they were off the cuff. i can almost guarantee he was not calculating out which choices would help him politically.


This is ridiculous! McCain is sooo lame! I really can see Obama listening to these tunes...McCain, like Ozzy , should retire....let's get some fresh air in the White House. VOTE OBAMA!


"Sweet Caroline" was written about Caroline Kennedy, who did the vetting of Barack's VP choices ("What's vetting?"). Here would have been some better choices for McCain: 1. With a Little Help from My Friends 2. Old Man by Neil Young 3. Disco Inferno (Instead of "Burn Baby Burn", he can sing "Drill Baby Drill") 4. In the Navy by The Village People 5. D-I-V-O-R-C-E 6. War Pigs 7. Barbara Ann ("Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran") 8. Gregorian Chants (from his childhood) 9. I Hate Everything About You 10. Loser by Beck

Bob Scofield

wow i dont like either of your choices neither of you is into hip hop and r and b so... but i kind of like obamas choice of kanye west dats whats up but i thought you was black u mixed but you got my vote!! i think

Talysha Smith

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