"jj create R&B and balearic dub from the ghosts of lost lovers." Thankfully cryptic press sheets are not solely the domain of R&B and hip-hop. In the case of Sweden's jj, the obfuscation likely works to their advantage. The group's sudden appearance in 2009 with no back story made their debut single, "jj n° 1," and album, jj n° 2, the stuff of industry wet dreams: the left-field success story. Better than the underdog narrative, jj's story was more akin to the Superman origin. Except in this case the listeners didn't have to raise the infant superhero from another planet. Instead, they found the superhero from another planet fully grown and ready to play -- minus some memory, perhaps due to amnesia or head trauma on that long bumpy ride from Valhalla.

All of which suggests that a detailed history is not immediately necessary. The band released a follow-up album in 2010, appropriately titled jj no. 3, on the Secretly Canadian label. A video for the lead single, "Let Go," features slow-mo, black-and-white shots of flaming drumsticks, a drooling black lab, bleeding cufflinks, and two glamorous looking blondes that we can safely assume are the members of the band. Talk amongst yourselves.  ~Dan Nishimoto


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