Pretty awesome. Now where's the Jawbreaker reunion?

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Schwarzenbach must be humbled first.

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Is it awful to write the "somebody need money?" line about a guy with a child who has a debilitating illness and what are surely incredibly massive medical bills


Last time I checked, J. Robbins was a well-to-do producer playing in multiple bands. Reissuing the same record twice in three years sort of approaches the limits of acceptable cashing in on one's legacy to me. Point taken, though. I'll try a little tenderness next time.

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Well, technically they really aren't reissuing the record twice. It went out of print ages ago, and they simply made F.Y.O.S.S. available digitally. I don't really consider itunes a proper re-issue, and re-issuing it on an indie doesn't seem like cashing in.
Yeah, and try a little tenderness next time, your comment was in extremely bad taste. Booo!


hey longestwinter:

"well-to-do"? how the F would you know? poor form, for sure.

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