"Jaill rocks enough to let the guys feel tough and still make the girls shake their asses till there’s sweat on their ankles. They’ll make your heart shake its ass a little, too."


The Milwaukee-based band's bio on the Sub Pop website emphasizes the late '00s obsession with dancing, but let's call the quartet what they are: a good ol' rock band. The group's songs move briskly, rumble moderately and roar enough to motivate even the stodgiest pegleg. Consider them a healthy reminder that you don't need a "dance beat" to make music that makes you want to dance.

Guitarist Vincent Kircher and drummer Austin Dutmer started the "group" in the early '00s after spending considerable time together hanging out and dicking around. A few years later, the line-up stabilized with the addition of bassist Andrew Harris. As of 2010, guitarist Ryan Adams has also joined the rodeo.

In early 2009, the band released There’s No Sky (Oh My My). Running a hair over a half hour over the course of 12 songs, the album skipped along quickly yet left a strong impression. The record and the group's first national tour attracted enough attention to secure them a distribution deal with Burger Records and a recording contract with Sub Pop. The group recorded their second full-length album, That's How We Burn, with Justin Perkins and released it in July 2010.

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